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Downloads » Race 07 / GTR Evo / Race On » Mods - Race07

F1 2017 Formula Raceroom

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Size45.18 MB ( 47376435 bytes )
Added7:19pm, 29th March 2017
Description [hide]
I decided to make another F1 mod to the Formula Raceroom cars and this year they will be much quicker but also more challenging to drive. I tried to get it up before the opening race but there were some problems. Not all drivers have their 2017 helmets yet but I'll update that later on.
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***Make sure to backup your original FormulaRR folder before installing this mod!***

How to Install:
1. Copy and paste the files into your FormulaRR folder and click replace. C:\Steam\steamapps\YourName\race 07\GameData\Teams\FormulaRR
2. Remove all the original FormulaRR teams folders.
3. Copy the talent-document to your Talent folder. C:\Steam\steamapps\YourName\race 07\GameData\Talent

If you want the V6 sounds you can download any rFactor F1 mod and simply copy the soundfolder to C:\Steam\steamapps\YourName\race 07\GameData\Sounds, and then open the SFX-file in the mod and copy and paste the text inside it to the AUD-file in the FormulaRR folder.

*Increased downforce
*Tires have better grip in the corners but lower grip in acceleration which makes the cars challenging but fast to drive
*Changed liveries of the cars and driver's helmets
*The tires have a more realistic texture
*The cars and helmets reflect lights more nicely
*Realistic damage
*New steeringwheel texture
*New camera-angles
*Lower rideheight
*Realistic revlights

I will be making updates as the real-life season goes on.
If you find any glitches make sure to let me know and I'll try to fix it.

Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
1.1 6:42pm, 28th March 2017 895

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