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Toyota Corolla E-30

File Details
AuthorTeam21 and
Size36.87 MB ( 38660182 bytes )
Added11:12am, 3rd April 2017
Description [hide]
Toyota Corolla E30 - Generation 3 V2.0 for GT Legends by Team21&

Physic: Grojosan, Deep Strike

Sound: Jörg0815

3D Model, textures und templates: CY-33

Beta Tests: Manfred Haupenthal, MichaW, Terra24, orsopino, dikl_by


Almost ten years after releasing one of the first (the second in fact, after the
R8) mods of GTL and our very first car, we are proud to present you a brand new
version 2.0 of the Toyota Corolla! Since we used a converted model from GTA:SA
back then, the 3D model and textures were completely re-made. Due to possibiltys
we did not have in 2007, we are now able to present a model that contains way less
polygons while still looking way better than the V1.0 car.The physics remain basicaly
the same, but thanks to a revision major bugs have been sorted out. Also a new tire
model allows the car to compeet against contemoraty "TC-76" cars.

As back in 2007 we are well aware the Toyota is not the most common racer, but in fact
it exists on race tracks in the USA and Australia. All cars are reproductions of /or
based up on real car liverys (#33 on a Gen. 2 Corolla, though), including Racing,
Rally and Rally Cross.
The reason why we made a Gen. 3 Corolla then was simple: it was the only good model we
had a permission for! The Corolla now became a landmark for us, since it started a
long line of Team21 cars, as you know. Here we learned how to put a car into GTL, even
before the open files of the 2008 version became the common source for information and
how-tos. It is more than fair to finaly give the small Toyota a decent look and the
FPSs to drive it in online cups!

I hope you have (again) a lot of fun with this new old mod!
Best wishes,
Download [hide]
Screenshots [hide]
Readme [hide]
For Installation first remove the V1.x of the mod from your installation, if you
have it. Then extract the TOYOTA_COROLLA_V2.0.rar file in your GT-legends mainfolder
and answer questions to overwrite with "yes" - no original Files will be overwriten.

If maunal Installation is required drag the folders out of the *.rar file to the
following paths:

Folder Toyota Corolla to /GTL/GameData/Teams/TC-76
Folder Toyota_Corolla to /GTL/GameData/Sounds
Folder Talent to /GTL/GameData

The car is not fixed to an other GTL car. In generic installation the car will appear
in the TC-65 class, which was picked to match it with cars of (+/-) same power. By age
it needs to be in TC-GTC-76, where it lacks the power. To put the car in the class
of your choice, please open the *.car files in every number folder
(for ex. /TC-76/TOYOTA COROLLA/25CY/25CY_SIM_TC_COROLLA.CAR) with the text pad and
alter the line classes= by adding or removing the // infront of the line to activate
or inactivate the line. Only one line can be active!
TC-76 is not of the original GTL classes. It needs to be created before you can use
the car (an others) in this class. For information how to make new classes open your
SIM_GTC.GDB and add a new class in the Categorys (for ex. SIM_TC76). Then create a
new *.GDB file, following the example of the exisiting ones (for ex. SIM_TC65.GDB).
Don't forget to make backups. Then fill your new class in the Classes= line in your
*.car file between the quotation marks. You can also copy classes from generic GTL

Installation on your own risk, no liability by the creators.

It is not permitted to change, to convert or to reuse files without express consent
of the creators. Please respect our work!

New Skins are welcomed - please download the templates seperately! We are curious
what you gonna paint and hope you gonna show screenshots and videos on forums!

If you'd like to host the Toyota on your page please inquire first
(PM on or nogripracing, Username: CY-33).

Copy this car only including this Readme.

Thanks and Credits:

Physic: Grojosan, Deep Strike

Sound: Jörg0815

3D Model, textures und templates: CY-33

Thanks for the superb work and the good collaboration!

Beta Tests: Manfred Haupenthal, MichaW, Terra24, orsopino, dikl_by

Additional thanks to the, the and the
teams - without their forums the exchange of ideas would not be possible and the
GT-Legends creators who gave us a unique basis for our add ons by their fine piece
of software.

Thanks to all of you!

Have fun with the Corolla and many good races
from Team21 &


2017-04-03, V2.0:
- GTL final version 2.0

2011-08-01, V1.5:
- ABB Version Update

2007-09-14, V1.2:
- Wheel fix and livery updates

2007-09-14, V1.0:
- GTL final version 1.0
Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
2.0 11:12am, 3rd April 2017 680

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