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Toyota Corolla E-30 Painting Templates

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Size24.87 MB ( 26074738 bytes )
Added3:42pm, 7th April 2017
Description [hide]
Here are the templates for our Team21& Toyota Corolla mod.
Body, Windows, Cockpits and Banner templates are included, so you can add your own cars to the grid. They are in Photoshop PSD format, as usual, so everybody should be able to use them.
Keep in mind that you maybe have to manipulate the "Parts" layer to work on certain parts or the colour of the outside view cockpit.

Please check out the included PDF too - all gensting options are explained. Two wheel styles look a bit different, though, but I changed them a bit last minute. But you'll get the idea. I hope you enjoy this feature, because it is a lot of work but I think very handy.

Enjoy painting, we hope to see cool things for download!
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Readme [hide]
Unzip and open with Photoshop

Keep in mind that you must maybe manipulate the "Parts" layer to work on certain parts or the colour of the outside view cockpit.
Also check what type of shadow you need: different shadow layers are included for cars with or without bumpers, license plates or extra headlights. Pick the lowest and one of the ones above or create your own from the ones I prepared.

The file now includes a guide to the different optional parts and how to use them in the GenString of the *.car file. Open file with Acrobat reader. With pictures!

I hope this stuff is useful to you. Have fun!
Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
2.0 3:42pm, 7th April 2017 74

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