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Downloads » GT Legends » Car Skins: TC-65

Toyota Corolla E-30 three skins

File Details
AuthorAndy race
Size36.61 MB ( 38384432 bytes )
Added2:31pm, 9th May 2017
Description [hide]
Hello everyone

Three skins now from famous Toyota Corolla.

After downloading this excellent mod by Team21 and , I decided to make some more skins of that car.
So here they are.
There are three minnor changes in theese skins.
First: the exausting tube is a little bit larger.
Second: Because the tube is larger and the sound must be different than the normal car,
I 've used the Toyota Celica sounds.
Third: I've also used Toyota Celica wheels.

P.S. If some one does not like those changes I've made, it is very easy to remove them from the files.

Also a big thanks to tincorna, who's advices made me able to work with 3Dsimed.

In version 1.1 I've corrected some things and now:
Wheels are unique now for each skin of cars 14-15-16 and there is no chance that they can be seen in another Toyota.
Steering Wheel has a different texture and can be seen only in cars 14-15-16
The bucket Seat of theese skins has a different texture than the seats of other toyotas.
Also now everythig that is needed for the installation is included in file "TOYOTA COROLLA No 14-15-16"
Download [hide]
Screenshots [hide]
Readme [hide]
To install those three files, download file "TOYOTA COROLLA No 14-15-16" and unpack to a temporary folder.
Open the file and move the 14AS, 15AS and 16AS folders in to your Toyota Corolla folder.
It can be found in: SimBin\GT Legends\GameData\Teams\TC 76\Toyota Corolla

To run those cars you need to install the Toyota Corolla E-30 mod by Team21 and
It can be found here:

In version 1.1 everythig that is needed for the installation is included in file "TOYOTA COROLLA No 14-15-16"
Just put the file "TOYOTA_CELICASOUNDS_16v.aud"in"Toyota Corolla" folder

The sound file is included for those that do not have the Toyota celica mod.
Just move the "Toyota_Celica_TA22_sounds" file to: SimBin\GT Legends\GameData\Sounds

The Toyota Celica mod by Brickyard Legends Team can be foud here:

Have fun.
Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
1.1 2:31pm, 9th May 2017 56
1.0 7:38am, 4th May 2017 65

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