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Downloads » GT Legends » Car Skins: TC-65

Toyota Corolla E-30 GULF

File Details
AuthorAndy race
Size27.29 MB ( 28614609 bytes )
Added3:14pm, 9th May 2017
Description [hide]
Hello everyone

A Toyota Corolla GULF skin now,after a fellow member's request.

Here it is.

The same three minnor changes exist in that skin also.
First: the exausting tube is a little bit larger.
Second: Because the tube is larger and the sound must be different than the normal car,
I 've used the Toyota Celica sounds.
Third: I've also used Toyota Celica wheels.

P.S. If some one does not like those changes I've made, it is very easy to remove them from the files.

In version 1.1 I've corrected some things and now:
Wheels are unique now for that skin of car 06 and there is no chance that they can be seen in another Toyota.
Steering Wheel has a different texture and can be seen only in cars 06-14-15-16
The bucket Seat of theese skins has a different texture than the seats of other toyotas.
Also now everythig that is needed for the installation is included in file "TOYOTA COROLLA GULF"

Download [hide]
Screenshots [hide]
Readme [hide]
To install that version 1.1 file, download file "TOYOTA COROLLA GULF" and unpack to a temporary folder.
Uninstall the 06AS file from your Toyota Corolla folder
Open the temporary file and move 06AS folder in to your Toyota Corolla folder.
It can be found in: SimBin\GT Legends\GameData\Teams\TC 76\Toyota Corolla

To run that car you need to install the Toyota Corolla E-30 mod by Team21 and
It can be found here:

In version 1.1 everythig that is needed for the installation is included in file "TOYOTA COROLLA GULF"

Just put the file "TOYOTA_CELICASOUNDS_16v.aud"in"Toyota Corolla" folder

The sound file is included for those that do not have the Toyota celica mod.
Just move the "Toyota_Celica_TA22_sounds" file to: SimBin\GT Legends\GameData\Sounds

The Toyota Celica mod by Brickyard Legends Team can be foud here:

Have fun.
Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
1.1 3:14pm, 9th May 2017 63
1.0 12:34pm, 5th May 2017 56

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