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Chassis #1077 - The forgotten Procar M1

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Added3:18pm, 14th May 2017
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I've read about this car a long time ago, but due to all my other projects I never got around to playing with the Procar version of the M1. As my current project burnt me out, I needed to shift focus to something else for a while and this was my car of choice.

The history of this car is as interesting as unusual. Originally built by Ron Dennis' (yes, that Ron Dennis) team Project Four Racing, Chassis #1077 was never actually delivered to the buyer because the team (of which, to this day and more than 30 years later, we still don't know the name, it remained a secret ever since) that placed the order never actually had the money needed for the payment.

This resulted in the car sitting around in the Project Four Racing workshop for a while even though it was painted and ready to race. Ron Dennis then found a new buyer on the other side of the world and sold the car to a Japanese company specialized in rims, Speed Star Wheel, and shipped the car to Japan. Arrived at Suzuka for its first race in 1979 merely hours before the race actually took place, the new team didn't have the experience nor the knowledge to work on the car, but despite that, Speed Star Racing won their class on debut with a car they didn't even know how to setup properly. They went on racing this car for a few years more, always winning their class, until in 1981 the car was sold to another Japanese team, converted from the "stock" Group 4 specifications to Group 5 specifications, with the new engine, the turbo, the wide bodykit and everything else. The car still proved to be successful and started winning even overall races instead of just their class.

It's safe to say that Chassis #1077 not only was one of the most successful M1s ever raced, but it's also one which almost never raced at all, if it wasn't for the Japs buying it at the last moment.

After one last race, the car bid farewell to the racing scene with yet another overall victory and was first placed on display in Japan and then sold to a private Japanese collector, still in its Group 5 specifications. Years later, an American collector found the car and managed to convince the then-current owner to sell it, brought it to the US and decided to scrap the Group 5 features (a crime in my book) and restore the car to its original Group 4 specifications, as it left the Project Four Racing workshop in 1979.

Chassis #1077 always fascinated me, ever since I first read about it years ago.
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This is for the M1 Procar mod by BLT. There is no .car file, you have to create one yourself. Genstring used is in the .txt file.

A few articles talking about this car.

Fun fact #1 The car had Dunlop sponsorship but in the last article there are pictures of it at Fuji and it had Goodyear tires.
Fun fact #2 In some pictures, the car is sporting the #20 instead of the #21. It's unclear where those photos were taken, but the car never raced with the #20. Perhaps it was used during practice or something, but at Suzuka it definitely raced with the #21.
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1.0 10:43pm, 12th May 2017 92

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