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Downloads » GTR2 » Misc Files

AL Rain FX

File Details
Size755 kB ( 773107 bytes )
Added1:26am, 19th May 2017
Description [hide]
Improved rain, rainspray, and windscreen effects.
Download [hide]
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Readme [hide]
ArmedLightning's Rain FX v1.3

Having spent a lot of time playing GTR 2, one thing that has always bugged me
was the windscreen rain effect. I finally decided to do something about it and
make my own mod. The original mod was inspired by "drw's" windscreen mod. The
vanilla animation cycle is actually pretty decent given the limitations.
Therefore, the latest version is effectively a re-scaled version of that.
Personally, I prefer this version compared to past versions. However, past versions
are also included in case you prefer those instead. Armed with a better idea of
the work-flow to use, improved, tools, and better abilities I may re-visit the older
versions. Lastly, you may utilize the optional raindrop textures for different
rainfall effects. The difference between the different versions is subtle, so you'll
just have to experiment. Asked my preference in the past, I'd lean towards the
included default or "Style 3"."


1) Copy the [GameData] folder to your GTR 2 installation.
2) Copy one of the optional "RAINDROP.DDS" files to your [Teams] folder.

- v1.3 New re-worked vanilla animation
- v1.2 Repackaged both normal and inverted versions
- v1.1 Inverted textures based on feedback
- v1.0 Initial Release

Contents may be used freely in other works. However, if you'd like to give credit,
I'm totally okay with that!
Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
1.3 1:26am, 19th May 2017 99
1.2 6:11pm, 4th January 2015 961
1.1 6:51pm, 23rd November 2014 353
1.0 5:26pm, 22nd November 2014 82

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