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Howston G4 1969 Scuderia Filipinetti #2 LOLA

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Size4.76 MB ( 4987300 bytes )
Added3:08am, 18th June 2017
Description [hide]
Recreated as accurately as possible from the couple of trustworthy photographs, had to recreate 5 logos. Excuse the S.E.V. Marchal by engine bay, the UV mapping is a monstrosity.

If you wish to borrow some of my work contact me first, and if I don't respond just provide credit.

If you are enjoying my work and would like to show any appreciation then feel free to donate, even just $1 makes a difference:
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. Unrar/unzip the file and place the Howston_G4 folder in rfactor2\userdata\player\settings\

. If you wish to use the liveries on a different car, just copy the .mas file into your desired folder. If you don't see any folders, go into the garage with the G4 selected, choose the configuration you desire, click "Tuning" and then on the bottom right, click "Create dir"
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Version Released Downloads
1.1 3:08am, 18th June 2017 30
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