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SGT Pit Sounds

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Size8.79 MB ( 9219793 bytes )
Added10:20pm, 26th June 2017
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A step into the 21st Century.
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Readme [hide]
SGT Pit Sounds by PassiveObsessive

This sound file will change the sounds played whilst you are in the pits changing your setups and looking at other driver's times. I've managed to find some ambient sounds from a NISMO pit garage during a Super GT race from around 2016 I would say. Yes, the race. Sadly it is not qualifying but with literally hours of footage to choose from and a few warmup sessions in that footage, you can't really tell, especially when most of this sound isn't taken from the actual race. I've kept the same kind of volume and I have tried to leave it without editing where possible as it is fairly good quality. You will hear a bunch of GT3's and GT500 cars, along with some of the other unique cars of the championship. This does not change the private test sounds in the game and it does not change the actual pitstop sounds of the mechanics changing tyres/repairing/etc.
Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
1.0 10:20pm, 26th June 2017 140

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