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AL Rain FX

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Size8.53 MB ( 8946554 bytes )
Added5:05am, 1st July 2017
Description [hide]
Improved rain, rainspray, and windscreen effects.
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Readme [hide]
ArmedLightning's Rain FX v1.7

Time for a re-write!
I said version 1.6 would likely be the last update. However, the perfectionist
in me couldn't leave things well alone. Inspiration struck after the previous
update and I played around with some new techniques. First, some technical
Unfortunately, GTR 2 is limited to 10 frames of animation for the windscreen
rain effect. This makes it extremely difficult to construct a decent facsimile
of the real thing. I even tried extending out the number of frames by editing
the rainscreen mesh in 3DSimED. I also went through the effort of building an
effect in After Effects to accomodate those additional texture calls. Sadly,
this seemed to do nothing and the windscreen animation appeared to be stuck on
the first frame. At the same time I attempted to tackle this beast from a
different angle. The default rain animation is actually pretty good given the
above mentioned limitations with the only downside being the absurd scale of
the thing and lack of shape variety. I couldn't just throw it away. Long ago I
re-scaled the vanilla animation with a few minor adjustments. Though looking
through the mods on No-Grip recently, it seems some modder beat me to it by
a HUGE margin. Convergent evolution at its finest folks! Meanwhile, I was also
perusing Filter Forge 6 librarian for ideas. I stumbled upon a certain effect
that caught my attention and began to export and re-work various elements to
suit my needs. The static animation of Version 2 largely represents that effort.
Why static you ask? After my defeat in the realm of After Effects I was tired
and decided that a good static image would be better than a poorly animated one.
However, realizing some people may prefer a little more "pop" than just staring
at a static image on the windscreen, I saw the opportunity to include a little
more activity. I isolated and added the re-scaled vanilla animation to the
static image in Version 2, and wouldn't you know, they seemed to work okay
together. This gave me a little more motivation to rework the previous version.
I saw room for improvement in the old Version 3, as a few details had escaped my
attention. It has since become deprecated, re-built, and re-branded as Version 4.
On an additional technical note, expect some clipping of the rainspray texture
while utilizing the cockpit view. This is an issue inherent to the vanilla game.
The heavier the spray, the more noticeable the clipping. I've tried to strike a
balance between density and transparency. Multiple versions of 'RAINSPRAY.DDS'
are included depending on your tastes. Otherwise, try utilizing the 'RAINSPRAY.DDS'
included in "HQ RAIN" by GTR233. Unfortunately, you can't please everyone but
I've tried to afford a degree of flexiblity by including different options for
the different effects. Lastly, if you don't like any of the included options
feel free to build your own. I've included all of the resource files used to
build the various windscreen effects.

- Version 1 (Re-scaled vanilla anim)
- Version 2 (Static anim)
- Version 3 (Ver. 1 / Ver.2 Hybrid)
- Version 4 (Particle anim)

- Style 1: Individial droplets added giving the illusion of heavier rain.
- Style 2: Re-scaled/tweaked vanilla asset.
- Style 3: Aggressive effect, some will love it, others will hate it!

- Hard Edge: More defined, aggressive spray pattern. Light & Heavy variants
affect opacity of spray.
- Soft Edge: Threshold blur, perlin noise added. Light & Heavy variants
affect opacity of spray.

Copy the included DirectDraw Surface (DDS) files in the various folder options
to the GameData -> Teams folder located in your GTR 2 installation folder.

- v1.7 Initial release removed. New versions added. Re-ordering of versions.
- v1.6 Re-build of RAINSPRAY.DDS and available options. Cleaned out early
RAINDROP.DDS textures that just plain looked bad and added two new
versions (Style 1, Style2).
- v1.5 Tweaked RAINSPRAY.DDS texture
- v1.4 New animation built from scratch
- v1.3 Re-scaled vanilla animation
- v1.2 Repackaged both normal and inverted versions
- v1.1 Inverted textures based on feedback
- v1.0 Initial Release

Addon vehicles may not render the 'RAIN_ANIM' texture at the proper size or
opacity (an issue in PnG3). This can be corrected by editing material properties
in 3DSimED3 or other similar software. Opacity is assuming diffuse, ambient,
specular, and emmisive RGB are using the standard GTR2 values. Model makers,
please keep this in mind if you are considering compatiblity.

Contents may be used freely in other works. However, if you'd like to give
credit, I'm totally okay with that!
Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
1.7 5:05am, 1st July 2017 136
1.6 8:56pm, 3rd June 2017 91
1.5 1:09am, 31st May 2017 95
1.4 10:48pm, 29th May 2017 68
1.3 1:26am, 19th May 2017 129
1.2 6:11pm, 4th January 2015 961
1.1 6:51pm, 23rd November 2014 353
1.0 5:26pm, 22nd November 2014 82

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