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Hammer PC Skin DDS error fix for rFactor

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Size598 kB ( 612278 bytes )
Added12:28pm, 6th July 2017
Description [hide]
Running a "Trace" on rFactor will give:

setup.cpp 2298: Could not find

I made an just to quiet that error.
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Readme [hide]
* Program Title: error fix for rFactor
* Name of File(s): HAMMER_PC_SKIN.DDS
* Hammer_PC_Skin-dds_Error_Fix_v1.0_README.TXT
* Name of Archive:
* Date: February 23rd, 2017
* Original Author: Image Space Incorporated
* Modder, Fixer: me... Gilles, MotherDawg, Lalonde
* Credits: Image Space Incorporated
* Support: None... but you can message me on NGR
When one has a problem with rFactor, as stated in it's ReadMe.chm file, one can run a "Trace" with the command:
Trace=1,2 or 3

It will generates a file whose default location is UserData/Log/trace.txt
So either adding something like trace=1 to your shortcut's Target or typing the whole thing in a Command Prompt window... navigate to the folder where your rfactor.exe resides first or including the absolute path in your command: "rfactor.exe trace=2"

That trace file... will be full of surprise ;) It will show all kinds of stuff!
It will show you errors in tracks and in cars folders you never thought you had.

One of the error, even from a brand you install, will be:

setup.cpp 2298: Could not find

HAMMER_PC.MAS does include a Hammer_PC_Skin.TGA but not a .DDS... An ISI omission?

Many mods are using the Hammer as a Pace Car and a few alerted modders did make their own

I did not copy any of their work, I used the available plugin to open the .TGA files and saved it as a .DDS.

Bingo! Error Gone! And some mods now have a proper Pace Car and not one of the racing car for a Pace Car.

I put this up because I could not find a HAMMER_PC_SKIN.DDS anywhere.

P. -S. Even if it's just a picture... I am not responsible for anything... USE AT YOUR OWN RISK...

Just copy HAMMER_PC_SKIN.DDS to the "rFactor\GameData\Vehicles\PaceCar\Hammer_PC" folder... that's it!
If you have "Multiple rFactor Installs"... start working!
Some mods have their own custom Pace Car... no need for them.

Release History:
Initial release 1.0 : Fist time out
Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
1.0 7:19am, 6th July 2017 32
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