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No more binks menu

File Details
Size1.2 MB ( 1263260 bytes )
Added1:00pm, 7th August 2017
Description [hide]
As a result of some pratting about I've managed to replace the bink car animations with the showroom spinner (yes it is a few years late lol) Might be of use to someone....

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Readme [hide]
To use:

Open up your UIData folder (inside your main GTL folder) and make a backup/or rename your gtlui.mnu to something like ORIgtlui.mnu .

Extract the new gtlui.mnu file into you UIData folder - if it asks to overwrite you haven't done the first bit...

If you don't like it/something goes pear shaped delete the gtlui.mnu file and rename your ORIgtlui.mnu back to gtlui.mnu.

This was tested on Win7 x64 @ 1920x1080 and looks/runs fine but obviously I can't vouch for other sytems/resolutions.

DoOoG 010817
Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
1.0 7:46pm, 1st August 2017 97

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