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AL Rain FX

File Details
Size794 kB ( 813532 bytes )
Added3:37am, 10th September 2017
Description [hide]
Improved rain, rainspray, and windscreen effects.
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Readme [hide]
ArmedLightning's Rain FX v1.9

Version 1.9 - Minor update. Texture sizes for resized to
512x512px. For those paying attention, I exported the resource images utilized
at the Filter Forge default of 600x600px (oversight on my part). Unfortunately,
I've experienced some random crashes regarding weather and certain time of day
combinations on certain tracks. Likely, these are due to an issue with the AIW
files (working on a fix-pack at the moment). However, I wanted to eliminate all
possible causes and I'm unsure how sensitive the game engine is to pixel size
being 2^n, thus the minor update. The biggest change in this release concerns
the specialfx.tec file. Settings affecting RAINDROP.DDS have been taken from
the RACE07 version. This greatly eliminates the noticeable banding effect that
plagues GTR2. Basically, it entailed only a single line change. There probably
exists some room for adjustment. I've tested it with both my own and GTR233's
version. Visually it's an improvement on my system. However, it doesn't look
good with the optional raindrop versions included in prior releases. As a
result, those have been removed. I may experiment with it some more given the
enough free-time and the will to do so. Lastly, for those questioning the
frequent updates. I do this to see what is possible given the limitations, and
to share what I have discovered along the way. GTR2 is 11, almost 12 years old
as of this writing. It still remains my favorite race title to date, and I want
it to be the best that it can. The vanilla weather effects never got the love
they deserved. I'm not a great artist, but I keep hoping that someone with more
talent might take away some ideas and improve upon them. Think of it as
experimental research!

- Windscreen - DOWN: Raindrops move towards the bottom of the windscreen.
- Windscreen - UP: Raindrops move towards the top of the windscreen.

- Hard Edge: More defined, aggressive spray pattern. Light & Heavy variants
affect opacity of spray.
- Soft Edge: Threshold blur, perlin noise added. Light & Heavy variants
affect opacity of spray.

Copy the contents of the "Windscreen - UP/DOWN" folder to the GTR2 -> GameData
install folder.

Copy the your prefered (optional) file to the GameData -> Teams
folder located in your GTR 2 installation folder.

Default specialfx.tec included in the [Optional] folder in case you need to roll
back to vanilla. Otherwise, make a backup if you're using a version with edited

- v1.9 Utilized RACE07 specialfx.tec raindrop settings. Resized
textures to 512x512px (oversight with Filter Forge defaults).
- v1.8 New particle effect (seamless texture), lighting, & droplet movement.
- v1.7 Initial release removed. New versions added. Re-ordering of versions.
- v1.6 Re-build of RAINSPRAY.DDS and available options. Cleaned out early
RAINDROP.DDS textures that just plain looked bad and added two new
versions (Style 1, Style2).
- v1.5 Tweaked RAINSPRAY.DDS texture
- v1.4 New animation built from scratch
- v1.3 Re-scaled vanilla animation
- v1.2 Repackaged both normal and inverted versions
- v1.1 Inverted textures based on feedback
- v1.0 Initial Release

Addon vehicles may not render the 'RAIN_ANIM' texture at the proper size or
opacity (an issue in PnG3). This can be corrected by editing material properties
in 3DSimED3 or other similar software. Opacity is assuming diffuse, ambient,
specular, and emmisive RGB are using the standard GTR2 values. Model makers,
please keep this in mind if you are considering compatiblity.

Occassionally, minor clipping may occur inside the cockpit. The cause of this
is inherent to vanilla GTR 2. As opacity increases, so does the likelihood of
noticeable clipping.

Contents may be used freely in other works. However, if you'd like to give
credit, I'm totally okay with that!
Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
1.9 3:37am, 10th September 2017 102
1.8 11:00pm, 25th August 2017 144
1.7 5:05am, 1st July 2017 160
1.6 8:56pm, 3rd June 2017 91
1.5 1:09am, 31st May 2017 95
1.4 10:48pm, 29th May 2017 68
1.3 1:26am, 19th May 2017 129
1.2 6:11pm, 4th January 2015 961
1.1 6:51pm, 23rd November 2014 353
1.0 5:26pm, 22nd November 2014 82

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