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MoSport 2012

File Details
AuthorNeelJ and Rainmaker
Size59.92 MB ( 62835435 bytes )
Added2:35pm, 9th October 2017
Description [hide]
This 3D-track was made by NeelJ for rFactor. It was converted and enhanced to Assetto Corsa by Rainmaker.

-replay cameras
-working track map
-support for hot lap mode
-support for time attack mode
-competitive AI
-22 pit boxes with working pit lane

For more infos you can visit the original source here:

Get always the latest AC version here:

If you like it you can send a donation here:
Download [hide]
Screenshots [hide]
Readme [hide]
-complete new ai
-new previews and UI data
-fixed missing circuit tag (for Content Manager user)
-reduced brightness of some white shaders

-complete new AI, fits with the race groove now
-removed unnecessary multi-layout structure
-optimized numbers of wall-keys to avoid the 99 % usage message at starts
-several shader changes, especially grass textures

-improvement of the shadows, especially round objects looking better now, example
-harder curbs
-added link to the mediafire public files section in the read me, so you can always look for a update on the correct place
-purged unused objects -> smaller file size
-fixed 99 % CPU usage bug with large grids

-added race groove made by Frankalexandre
-fixed a bug caused by AC v1.35 that showed lines over some treelines

-first public release

Original rFactor Read Me:

Rfactor: 2012 Canadian Tire Motorsport Park v1.0

N2K3 Author (s) PWF
Conversion & update by Neel Jani & Boblebric
This new version is made on the basis of my version GTR2 v1.1 09_Mosport

All changes are based on the 2012 ALMS from numerous videos and photographs:
-New logos and advertising logos Canadian Tire Motorsport Park
-Added two new bridges,
Construction-Building Boblebric by Castrol, the building was demolished at the end of the racing season 2012.
-Added many objects of decoration, to make the best possible atmosphere recorded on video.
This version of the circuit is the latest that I propose, as from 2013-2014 the circuit undergoes many changes to accommodate nascar races, so it will wait for new information and a satellite image or GoogleEarth another to make a new version from scratch.
But then he'll have to be patient ...

Special thanks Boblebric for his participation in the creation of the building Castrol is for video editing (bik) for TV screens.

For the update of the circuit and part of the new objects (3D) One or more textures were created with images of CGTEXTURES.COM. These images can not be redistributed by default, please visit for more information

Thank you testers, Boblebric, Rico83s & Hughes.

Canadian Tire Motorspot Park. All rights reserved.
1. Conversion, modification or reuse of all or part of the Canadian Tire Motorspot Park is not permitted.
2. File modification is not packaged authorized.
3. No use for commercial purposes.

ISI for rFactor
Photoshop CS5
SimGarage 3DSIMED
Google SketchUp

Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
1.6 2:35pm, 9th October 2017 191
1.5 8:20pm, 6th August 2016 461
1.43 12:45pm, 22nd January 2016 130
1.1 6:51pm, 26th November 2015 180
1.0 9:46am, 28th October 2015 205

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