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Downloads » Assetto Corsa » Tracks

Eastern Creek Raceway 2014

File Details
AuthorR1cho and Rainmaker
Size56.06 MB ( 58786145 bytes )
Added5:04pm, 9th October 2017
Description [hide]
This 3D-track was made by RR1CHO~XR~ and the xFactor Team with Bobs Track Builder. It was converted and enhanced to Assetto Corsa by Rainmaker.

-competitive AI
-all 4 layouts
-replay cameras
-working track map
-support for hot lap mode
-support for time attack mode
-29 pit boxes with working pit lane (17 for Amaroo)

Get always the latest version here:

If you like it you can send a donation here:
Download [hide]
Screenshots [hide]
Readme [hide]
-complete new ai
-new previews and UI data
-fixed missing circuit tag (for Content Manager user)
-reworked tree shader

-fixed shadows of the blue curbs
-new track previews
-fixed two broken objects
-removed unnecessary camera start file and groove

-new grass shader
-improvement of the shadows, especially round objects looking better now, example
-harder curbs
-added link to the mediafire public files section in the read me, so you can always look for a update on the correct place
-purged unused objects -> smaller file size

-fixed bug: curbs being black in mirrors

BIG UPDATE of all tracks for AC v1.3!
general improvements to all tracks:
-fixed some double keys (like pit/wall or pit/road)
-fixed and edited cams
-made reverb optional (if track had one)
-added support for time attack mode (if track did not had it already)
-further optimized ai for some tracks
-checked all tracks for the correct fuel consumption
-changed shader and normals for the spectators
-smaller changes of materials, shaders and objects
-added new start cameras

-restructured complete project to the multiple layout system of AC v1.1
-> reduced file size
-new AI for Gardner, Brabham and Druitt
-fixed many LODs
-fixed shadows of track vehicles
-faced normals -> better looking shadows
-new water shader
-several shader fixes

-new road shader
-new gravel shader
-fixed double sided objects
-trees now better looking
-repaired spectators in grandstand
-resaturated curb texture

-added new glass shader
-fixed normals of the trees
-fixed some pop ups and gravel shader
-reworked cams

-pit building texture issues fixed
-pit building stairs repaired
-added some shadows, changed some textures and shader values
-flipped normals for Amaroo pit buildings

-new grass shader
-new pit building paint
-2 new layouts (Druitt and Amaroo)
-new preview picture
-new curbs textures
-materials are now using the original Eastern Creek yellow
-reimported removed objects deleted in v1.1
-removed obstacles in turn 5
-added obstacles to non used roadways

-added new layout Brabham (both layouts are independent, you can delete one if you don't like it)
-new grass and asphalt shader
-fixed bug with pit marker
-fixed old and added new cams by norbs
-removed some pop ups
-new and faster AI for the standard layout
Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
3.5 5:04pm, 9th October 2017 222
3.45 9:05pm, 7th January 2017 280
3.43 2:32pm, 22nd January 2016 178
3.11 8:43pm, 27th October 2015 170
3.1 7:29pm, 10th October 2015 156
3.0 10:24am, 25th May 2015 103

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