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Downloads » GTR2 » Misc Files

AL Special FX

File Details
Size2.82 MB ( 2960579 bytes )
Added7:33pm, 26th October 2017
Description [hide]
Miscellaneous FX and texture improvements.
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Readme [hide]
ArmedLightning's Special FX v2.2

Al's Special FX - What is it? Basically this mod is the natural evolution of
the my older mod "AL RAIN FX". I felt a name change was in order as I have
begun to address other areas of the in-game effects. The purpose of this mod is
to re-visit some of the vanilla effects and textures of GTR 2 and elevate them
(within reason) to a higher standard. I offer no guarantees of performance. If
it runs good on my machine, then it's good enough. Please note the following
details. The cap on the number of frames available for the rainscreen animation
has been raised (method posted in the forums). Unfortunately, this comes at the
price of having to edit .GMT files to achieve the effect. Online mismatch
errors are likely to occur. Other mods in my installation also cause mismatches
(Reborn Project, etc.) so this isn't a big deal for me. I tend to run races on
a LAN with similar installs and 'Report Mismatches=0' set in the .PLR files.

- As the name implies, miscellaneous effects without options can be found here.

- Drops1: Particle animation modeled after the raindrop effect in pCARS.
- Splashes3: Sprite animation sheet water splash particle effect.

- Light: Light spray trailing behind vehicles when driving on wet surfaces.
- Heavy: Heavy spray trailing behind vehicles when driving on wet surfaces.

Contents of the "INSTALL - Extra Anim" folder need to be placed inside the
"GTR2 -> GameData -> Teams" folder. Likewise, all selected .DDS files are to be
placed inside the "Teams" folder.


Unfortunately there was an oversight on my part regarding the Porsche 993 GT2
rainscreen mesh. I erroneously edited the dirtscreen mesh instead... You'll
need to delete the file 'PORSCHE_993GT2_SCREENDIRT.GMT' located in the
[Teams -> GT -> Porsche 993 GT2 Teams] folder.

- v2.2 Added missing Porche 993 GT2 rainscreen mesh. (Whoops!)
Added RAIN_ANIM version modeled after pCARS particle effect.
- v2.1 Replaced RAIN_ANIM versions with improved sprite based animation.
- v2.0 Additonal animation frames added (60 total). New effects contructed with
TimelineFX. Initial dust, fire, & smoke effects added.
- v1.9 Utilized RACE07 specialfx.tec raindrop settings. Resized
textures to 512x512px (oversight with Filter Forge defaults).
- v1.8 New particle effect (seamless texture), lighting, & droplet movement.
- v1.7 Initial release removed. New versions added. Re-ordering of versions.
- v1.6 Re-build of RAINSPRAY.DDS and available options. Cleaned out early
RAINDROP.DDS textures that just plain looked bad and added two new
versions (Style 1, Style2).
- v1.5 Tweaked RAINSPRAY.DDS texture
- v1.4 New animation built from scratch
- v1.3 Re-scaled vanilla animation
- v1.2 Repackaged both normal and inverted versions
- v1.1 Inverted textures based on feedback
- v1.0 Initial Release

Addon vehicles may not render the 'RAIN_ANIM' texture at the proper size or
opacity (an issue in PnG3). This can be corrected by editing material properties
in 3DSimED3 or other similar software. Opacity is assuming diffuse, ambient,
specular, and emmisive RGB are using the standard GTR2 values. Model makers,
please keep this in mind if you are considering compatiblity.

Occassionally, minor clipping may occur inside the cockpit. The cause of this
is inherent to vanilla GTR 2. As opacity increases, so does the likelihood of
noticeable clipping.

Contents may be used freely in other works.
Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
2.2 7:33pm, 26th October 2017 180
2.1 10:25pm, 12th October 2017 114
2.0 5:49pm, 23rd September 2017 116
1.9 3:37am, 10th September 2017 107
1.8 11:00pm, 25th August 2017 144
1.7 5:05am, 1st July 2017 160
1.6 8:56pm, 3rd June 2017 91
1.5 1:09am, 31st May 2017 95
1.4 10:48pm, 29th May 2017 68
1.3 1:26am, 19th May 2017 129
1.2 6:11pm, 4th January 2015 961
1.1 6:51pm, 23rd November 2014 353
1.0 5:26pm, 22nd November 2014 82

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