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Detroit Belle Isle 2017

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Size127.06 MB ( 133228001 bytes )
Added10:43pm, 29th December 2017
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Hi guys !

Detroit Belle Isle 2017 is out !

I made this Indycar track from scratch using photos and videos of the 2017 event. Terrain created using Google Earth and Google Street View.

I allow conversions to any game.

v1.2 released !

Remove v1.1 before installing v1.2.

- Fixed : Start/finish line not crossing the pitlane
- Fixed : Incorrect fuel consumption calculation
- Added a 44-car GT version of the track, with modified grid, pitlane and garage spots
- New track menu images

Mod VSM Indycar 2016 :

Enjoy !
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Detroit Belle Isle 2017 v1.2 - rFactor
By Enders

Indycar track created from scratch, using photos and videos of the 2017 event
Conversions allowed to any game

For a better experience on this track, download the VSM Indycar 2016 mod :

The v1.2 includes 2 versions of the track (Indycar and GT)

= Indycar version =

Indycar pitlane with 22 pit locations and 22 garage locations
Max. cars : 22
Default start type : rolling start
Grid width : 2 cars

= GT version =

GT pitlane with 22 pit locations and 44 garage locations
Max. cars : 44
Default start type : standing start
Additional starting lights added under the Chevrolet bridge
Grid width : 3 cars


IMPORTANT ! A TIP TO FIX FLICKERING TEXTURES ! (works with any mod on any track)
If you have flickering textures, usually in nosecam view and cockpit view, do the following :
Open your mod's .CAM file with notepad >>> look for "ClipPlanes" in the NOSECAM or COCKPIT camera (or in any other cameras if necessary) and edit like this :
ClipPlanes=(0.100000, 500.000000)
(default is usually around 0.0225000, 500.000000)


Remove v1.0 or v1.1 before installing v1.2

Extract the "Detroit_Belle_Isle" folder into :
C:\Program Files\rFactor\GameData\Locations

Enjoy !
Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
1.2 10:43pm, 29th December 2017 215
1.2 7:22pm, 29th December 2017 17
1.1 10:46am, 22nd December 2017 123

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