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Master of Idols Fictional GT

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Size19.84 MB ( 20806786 bytes )
Added4:47am, 27th February 2018
Description [hide]
"What will happen when idols make an action behind the wheel?"

Now my objective to make a race consisting only of itasha cars with Super GT esque has been achieved.

This is the completion of GT500 itasha livery pack. Started on Minami Nitta's birthday as CGSS-themed itasha pack for Super GT GT500 mod, I decided to use EEC GT3 v2.3 as well and expand the theme to make the field even more diverse. It covers more franchises; Idolmaster OG, idolmaster CG, Idolmaster Million Live, Love Live & Love Live Sunshine, Wake Up Girls, Macross, White Album, and White Album 2

Happy playing!
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"What will happen when idols make an action behind the wheel?"

This itasha livery pack is based on some idol franchises such as Idolmaster, Love Live, and Macross. This livery pack contains:

1. GT500 itasha livery pack add-on
The add-on contains three additional teams.
- "Triad Primus" for Nissan GT-R, consisting of Rin Shibuya, Karen Hojo, and Nao Kamiya.
- "Pink Check School" for Honda HSV-010GT, consisting of Uzuki Shimamura, Miho Kohinata, and Kyoko Igarashi.
- "Positive Passion" for Lexus SC430, consisting of Mio Honda, Aiko Takamori, and Akane Hino.

2. EEC GT3 v2.3 livery pack.
This pack contains 20 liveries for 7 car variants, all of them based on Idolmaster and other idol-themed franchises such as Macross and Love Live. Here is the car and character list.
- Audi R8 LMS : Haruka Amami, Rin Shibuya, Uzuki Shimamura
- BMW Z4 E89 : Shiori Sena, Setsuna Ogiso, Yoshino Nanase, Shizuka Mogami
- Corvette Z06R : Mayu Shimada, Miyo Harada, Kousaka Honoka
- Ferrari F430 : Rina Ogata, Sheryl Nome
- Ferrari F458 : Makino Yagami, Tsumugi Shiraishi, Chihaya Kisaragi
- Lamborghini Gallardo : Ranka Lee, Freyja Wion, Maki Nishikino
- Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG : Chika Takami, Rin Hoshizora

Before using those liveries, you need to install:
- Team BB's Super GT GT500 mod and Honda HSV-010GT 2010-2013 1.5 (available on DrivingItalia).
- EEC GT3 v2.3 (available on as ADAC GT Masters 2012 + Blancpain Endurance Series 2012 mod)

- I advise you to use ADAC GT Masters + Blancpain Endurance Series 2012 mod (that are available on because I make, test, and play the liveries using the said mod.
- You can still install EEC GT3 v2.3 (ADAC + BES mod above) even if you have EEC GT3 v3.0, but choose not to overwrite anything. Keep v3.0 as it is.

- SimBin, 10tacle Studios, and Blimey Games for the game.
- Yakkun, Team BB, and Izukon for the great mod. It's my favorite up until today.
- EEC Team for the EEC GT3 mod.
- Bandai Namco for Idolmaster, Idolmaster Cinderella Girls, and Idolmaster Million live games (and any entity associated with both franchises, such as CyGames).
- gloops for Wake Up Girls mobage and any entity involved within WUG! anime project.
- Sunrise for Love Live! and Love Live! Sunshine anime, and KLab for Love Live! School Idol Festival game.
- Satelight for Macross Frontier and Macross Delta anime, and DeNA for Macross rythm game.
- Leaf and Aquaplus for White Album and White Album 2 Visual Novel, Seven Arcs for White Album anime adaptation, and Satelight for White Album 2 anime adaptation.
- Every holder of logo and trademark that I use. Every logo and trademark belong to their respective owners.

- Every arts, logos, brands, car models, and character models are not mine and they belong to their respective owners.

- Extract it to your GTR2 directory

Well, then ....
Use the skinpack wisely and have fun.
Use it for private use only.
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1.0 3:20pm, 25th February 2018 34
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