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ProjectCars2 Bootfiles 5

File Details
AuthorJDougNY and GvsE
Size25.74 MB ( 26988240 bytes )
Added8:27pm, 10th April 2018
Description [hide]
Bootfiles for Project Cars 2

for use with addon cars
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Readme [hide]
Bootfiles for Project Cars 2
By GVSE and JDougNY

Installation instructions...
1) Use JSGME Mod activator by copying the provided file "JSGME.exe" into
the root install folder for PC2. WHen running JSGME, the default folder
for mods is called "MODS".

2) Copy bootfiles into the "MODS" folder. Folders should read like this...
"MODS\_Bootfiles for PC2 Vx.x.x.x (Activate After Cars)\"

3) Activate all addon cars FIRST with JSGME, then activate bootfiles.
This will cause less trouble whenever bootfiles is revised for new patches.
When a new bootfiles is needed, you would only need to deactivate and replace bootfiles,
while leaving all addon cars activated.
So, activation order is like this...
Addon Car #1
Addon Car #2

4) Addon cars require an entry into both vehiclelist.lst and driveline.rg.
Make some text files that contain the needed entries for all of your addon
cars. This will make is easier to add the entries back in, whenever bootfiles
is revised, due to new patches.
Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
5.01 8:27pm, 10th April 2018 93
5.00 4:13pm, 5th April 2018 36
4.03 7:42pm, 5th March 2018 46
4.00 3:05pm, 10th February 2018 47
3.00 8:49pm, 4th January 2018 65
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