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Audi S1 1986 MonteCarlo

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Size4.64 MB ( 4869718 bytes )
Added2:55am, 3rd July 2004
Description [hide]
This is the RT version of the 1986 Audi S1 as rallyed to third position in the 1986 Monte Carlo rally by Hannu Mikkola and Arne Hertz.
It is still in developement and has some textures missing for the interior...
Also it is set up for the lates developement of the TT realmod files and we are not sure how it works on teh original physics-so best is that you drive it on the TT realmod settings as they are a lot more realistic anyway.
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File: Audi S1 Mikkola-Hertz Monte v0.85.rtp
Made by: TheTireTeam (Pero_Grozni, Ralph_B)


First of all this is one of the most famus rally cars ever and the looks, sounds and feel of it are legendary.
As Walter Röhrl said it-this car must be respected as this car is so fast that it is not possible to think fast enough for it as it is simply too fast
to be able to react to the feel of the car braking away-to control the S1 you had to react much faster and insitinticvly so the drivers must be very experianced
and they have to mentaly prepare themselfs for the challange that was driving the S1. Even so Walter loved the car as it was a real chalange to drive and there is
where he got most the joy from.

The audi S1 was a response from audi to the Peugot 205T16 EVO.
First appearance was the 1985 Finnland rally and the only win for it
was the 1985 San Remo rally with Walter Röhrl.
The car itself was a development of the short wheelbase Sport quattro. The most evident changes to the car were the outside aerodynamic package, the engine, the cooling system, later on the gearbox…
It used a special kind of gearbox named PDK gearbox that allowed to switch gear a lot faster than with a regular gearbox. The cooling sistem was moved into the trunk so that the weight distribution would improve as the Sport quattro was nose heavy.

Audi team stopped running the car in rally’s after the 1986 Portugal rally, when a Ford RS200 crashed and killed 3 people and injured many. For the Audi team the crowds to un-controllable so they stopped competing with the S1.
Before that the S1 wasn’t to successful in competition as it was too heavy, hard to drive and was plagued with mechanical problems
The most important race for the S1 happened a bit later- on the 1987 Pikes Peak race to the clouds, when Walter smashed the race record and won.

The car we made for RT was third in the 1986 Monte Carlo rally with Hannu Mikkola and Arno Hertz.


The car comes as usual in an .rtp package and so you only need to doubleclick it and click yes.
As usual you need the BZF manager from Fredizzimo to be able to install the car. The car will replace the Non-FTC Lancia Stratos (spot 21) and beforehand the Stratos should be installed there so that the sound files can get installed correctly.


As it is still beta it is made for the newest TT realmod patch that can be found on No-Grip forum in the editing section. We didn’t test it out with the original physics so we suggest that you use it with the TT patch only to get the correct impression.


v0.75:First version of the car(27.5.2004)
v0.85: Updated physics (3.7.2004)

First be prepared to work a lot more with the brakes, wheel, gears and throtle as usually. The car needs to be carefully prepared for each corner and a determined driver is needed. The car is very fast accelerating so it is easy to
not comprehand the speed you are traveling with-which makes cornering very difficoult as you come into the corner too fast. The car is also hard to turn as it has high MOI and short wheelbase makes it brake out suddenly and massivly.
Handbrake dosent work properly because in reality it didnt have it out of a simmilar reason than in RT-the midd diff. In RT it is missing and In real life the diff couldnt cope with the handbrake.
So lots of throwing into sharp corners will be necesary.
I suggest that you try it out only if you have lots of experiance in RT and some experiance of 4WD in RT as otherwise you will only be frustrated.
It would be no problem making the car turn better..., but than the car wouldnt represent the reallife counterpart.

CREDITS: First of all thanks to Bugbear for the game! Further to Fredizzimo for his BFZ-manager, without that edit wouldn't be possible at all. Another credit to Kenkunen for hosting this file and for his work, to keep RT alive.
Thanks to Z-modeler author-without it we would be lost, Thanks to Fredizzimo for the Z-modeler plug-ins.
A very special thanks goes to Loungekid who provided the sound-thanks mate.
Also thanks to Roger for all the comments suggestions and more importantly the Physics calculator-it was a huge help.
Thanks to Ken for pointing out some model problems and for the comments about it’s handling.

COPYRIGHT: This patch is freeware, but you must not post the complete patch or parts of it in other forums or downloadpages without permission of TheTireTeam. We don't accept anyway, to use this work or parts of it for a commercial release.
This file is beta for public testing, so maybe some things aren't quite perfect.
This mod is as it is and we don’t take any response for it. But feel free to give contructive comments or tell us your ideas for further improvements.

Have FUN
Cheers TheTireTeam
Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
0.85 2:55am, 3rd July 2004 3420
0.75 5:03pm, 27th May 2004 271
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