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Suzuka 2.0 GTR2

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Size15.59 MB ( 16348411 bytes )
Added7:06pm, 9th September 2007
Description [hide]
Conversion of TTTTTT's Rfactor track to GTR2
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Readme [hide]

Suzuka 2.0
This is a conversion of the GP4 track Suzuka. The track was first converted to Rfactor by TTTTT who then gave me permission
to convert the track to GTR2. This the final version of the track for me barring bug reports. I also want to thank N2LO who
helped me with the marshals and Rain Reflections and other minor problems. Thanks N2LO. LOD screens and Icons by Rip.

Issues: None

Features: Rain Reflections, Marshals and a 36 car grid.

Installation: Please remove any previous versions of the track and install to the locations folder of GTR2

You can post this file on your site but it must contain the original readme and the GTR2 Readme, without
any alterations to the content or information contained therein. If you wish to update this track please
contact myself before releasing the update, thanks a lot it will be no problem.
Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
2.9 7:06pm, 9th September 2007 24432

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