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Porsche 911 SC RS

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Size3.07 MB ( 3218093 bytes )
Added9:36pm, 5th September 2005
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The Rothmans Rally Team Porsche 911 SC RS was the latest in a long and famous line of competition versions of the German manufacturer`s rear engined sports car. The Rothmans Porsche looks very much the same as the standard 911 SC, but underneath it`s a very different animal.

Version 1.2
Thanks to Zieman for sounds and Pero_Grozni for tires, Troy for all his hard work sorting all this out.
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Porsche 911 SC RS 1985
Version 1.3
TT RealMod Compatible


Porsche produced a racing version of the 911 SC : the SC/RS. To
homologate it, 20 examples had to be produced. 5 went to Rothmans for
racing and the 15 others were sold as street version.

The 911 SC/RS is mainly based on the 930 and particularly on its body
and chassis. Indeed, it takes the wide body, the wheels, the tyres,
the brakes and the suspensions off the 911 turbo.


To install this car BZF Manager is required, double click and it will self instal.
It replaces car_19(Renault Alpine).

please ensure that the Torque Multiplier in the game.ini is changed to 1.0
This can be found in settings/game.ini

If this is not done then the car will travel faster than real life.

Porsche flat 6-cylinder
2994cc air cooled
285hp @ 7500rpm
300Nm @ 5500rpm

Length 4290 mm
Width 1750 mm
Height 1310 mm
Weight 1020 Kg
Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
1.3 9:36pm, 5th September 2005 2121
1.2 9:45am, 30th August 2005 63
1.0 11:30am, 26th August 2005 76
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