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Mini Spotlights

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Size1.24 MB ( 1304353 bytes )
Added12:10pm, 29th December 2007
Description [hide]
Here are some new lights for the Mini. Enjoy!
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Readme [hide]
To install-

Copy contents of the relevant folder into the car folder you wish to modify, ensuring that the genstring matches if you want one
of the quad setups. For the twin setups simply copy the contents into the car folder. The genstring can be found in a decoded
*.CAR file (

3rd genstring number File to be copied Description
1 Type One Four spotlights, no overriders
2 Type Two Four spotlights, overriders and bars
3 Type Three Four spotlights, overriders and no bars

Note: The twin spotlights will light up but are part of one of the headlights and will be damaged accordingly (if the headlight is knocked
off the spots will be too. The quads do not light up but have a better damage system, being part of the bumper.

This is an alpha version and may still have bugs although there are none that I am aware of at this point in time. If there are any faults
please contact me via NoGrip.

I am perfectly happy for people to use these lights on there own skins but if you upload then please include this readme.

Thanks and enjoy

Version History [hide]
Version Released Downloads
2.0 12:10pm, 29th December 2007 516
1.00 6:52pm, 24th August 2007 213
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