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22 April 03, 03:17
Renualt 8 rally car

22 April 03, 03:20
Version 2.0 of "Renault 8 Gordini" is uploaded. You can view the download page for it here (http://www.nogripracing.com/details.php?filenr=62)

9 October 03, 14:46
Very nice made car, I really like it. But I noticed one little, but anoying bug. When raining, the animated wipers in cockpit view come out of the middle of my speedometer. Has anybody else seen this, or does it only appear on my PC (But my other cars are ok)? If it is a well known problem, is there any possibility to fix this?


29 December 03, 09:42
no comments for this car-what is wrong with you people :chair: -this is one of the best cars ever- :trophy: :trophy:

7 January 04, 17:57
Agree with Imagine!
btw, I too have the wipers problem, if I remember well is a well known problem affecting addon cars

7 January 04, 18:25
I think no comments, because many people had it before this version of the site opened, so all the kinds words have already drifted into the ether.

So......I'll agree with you guys. It is an amazing little beast, the magic potion is just about right in every department - including all too important driving experience.

Nice one Emit :up:

7 January 04, 18:33
i dont want to be mean and spoil your fun but i did finde one thing what is irritating for me-not the wipers ;)
it's a Km/h "counter"-car cant go faster of 160km/h but at that it is showed 240km/h because it's installed over Alpine :cry: -is there any way to fix that and have more precise shoving of speed :confused:

7 January 04, 19:45
i dont want to be mean and spoil your fun but i did finde one thing what is irritating for me-not the wipers ;)
it's a Km/h "counter"-car cant go faster of 160km/h but at that it is showed 240km/h because it's installed over Alpine :cry: -is there any way to fix that and have more precise shoving of speed :confused:

Yes, you can do this, but requires a little manual work :D , because I have moved my Gordini to another slot and modified some other values in the car.ini for my own enjoyment, so a selfinstalling .rtp wouldn't work properly. In the zip you find a 200km/h and 120mph speedometer, aditonally a fixed wiper.bmf. The last file is from another car, but should make the displaced wipers better. Not optimal for ästhetics, but much better than default.
Extract the same files and the car.ini via BFZ-manager. Then open the extracted .ini in a texteditor and change the following values as follows:

# Meter limits
OverlaySpeedMax = 200;
OverlayRpmMax = 10000;
InteriorSpeedMax = 200;
InteriorRpmMax = 10000;

Then copy and the files of the zip into the related folder, let them overwrite the old ones and reimport the all into RT.

Ralph :wave:

7 January 04, 20:28
Thx,Ralph but it seems so complicated :cry: -can you do it for me :D
-i meant to say:can you do some .rtp pacage :bowdown: PLEASE
becouse i don't want to dig in BZFmanager :did:
make only speedometer(i wouldnt minde a wipers fix ;) ) for default installing slot -over regular Alpine
Please :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

7 January 04, 21:21
Your wimmering goes straigt into my heart :cry: ! Can't stay this any longer, so here is a .rtp for the default installation of the Gordini in slot 19(Alpine nonFTC). It includes the speedometer, corrected .ini and a provisorial wiper.bmf to fix the displacement (not perfect, but better than none).

Ralph :wave:

7 January 04, 21:57
Thx,you :wave: this is excellent stuff :up: -i think that this will be downloaded by lot of people ;) :trophy:

7 January 04, 22:40
I only hope, no one will offend me for posting this files for I didn't ask for permission. :bowdown: But I asked for a fix for the wipers a long time ago before I was able to do myself, but no reply at all. So I hope it is okay because it isn't really a mod.


9 January 04, 01:06
I am not having any success trying to get this file"Renault 8 Gordini" from No Grip.The download starts then about half way through it just completes the download ,however the file is only just over a megabyte where as it should be over 2 megabytes.Consequently when one tries to open the RTP file it does not function properly and will not install.I do not know why this is happening .Perhaps their is to much traffic and the server is timing out.Would someone be kind enough to email the Renault 8 Gordini to me?

9 January 04, 01:10
Are you using a download manager, Dinga? If that's the case what download manager are you using?

9 January 04, 01:11
Hi Dinga.. the download works perfectly, and the server is not under highload, so maybe ts a problem at your end.. can you tell me are yo trying to use a download manager, and if so which one ?

9 January 04, 01:12
LOL.. well you can't complain about the service :D

9 January 04, 01:41
Thanks Fredizzmo and KenKunen
I say that was dam quick.Certainly get no complaints for responce time.I have a download manager however I do not normaly use it for small files.I did however try this option last night .I noted the download would stop and then resume with the manager a few times and then when just about complete it would refuse to resume and finish the download ,so I went back and tried the plain ole IE6 browser downloader and still no file just a part of it.I tried using another ISP just in case something was going wrong at my end , also with the same result as above.I have downloaded several files before from No Grip with out any hassles.

9 January 04, 01:52
Did you get 16384 bytes?

Ignore that...

9 January 04, 01:57
I think I found the problem now. Your ip isn't showed up in any logs. So it's probably downloading it from some proxy server. Try turning of any if you can, also try ctrl-f5 to refresh in ie.

9 January 04, 02:46
I have changed the download code a little bit, to return even more headers to stop bad proxy servers from caching the files. Unfortunately this will not help you. But it will hopefully stop the problem from happining in the future.

9 January 04, 07:11
Thanks fredizzimo,
Downloading now .I checked my ISP.Clearnet is server assigned and is the company I use by default ,whereas the other telco ,xtra uses a proxy server.Still no file.Can someone just please email me the Renault 8 Gordini.

11 January 04, 04:48
Have tried everything I can think of to get this car.Still no luck.I am not sure why before I could download any file from no grip and now just about everytime I attempt to get a file the download will stop and then say its finished while only partly complete.I note this does not happen on any other site, which may be an indicator that something has happened when the site was undergoing some change a few days ago.I do not think I have a problem at my end of the connection ,if I did then I would encounter problems at other sites which I have downloaded files from.As I also have two ISP's.I can not see they are both using bad proxy servers!

14 January 04, 03:59
Everything is working okay now thanks fredizzmo.Downloads okay.Thanks John for sending over the Renault ,Great little car too I like it to drive and that exhaust note is great

3 February 04, 19:32
Just noticed that version.

I have a version (long time download that a friend gave me when I finaly got my RT) and I had to drive it from outside cause the dash was way too far from the pilot/POV.

As I already loved that car so much, I can't wait to try it :D

18 January 07, 12:53
Nice little car.;) You see, i'm from romania and this car was Dacia 1100 in my country. a very nice lil' car. I want to know if you can give me the model of this car (*.3ds & *.z3d)so i can convert'it to gta *.dff format to use'it (with) your permision in to "Mamaia Vice Mod" a mod with a lot's romanian cars. You can mail me at bebe_radu2005@yahoo.com. Big Thank's & good luck.

sry for my bad eanglish:o