View Full Version : Steam, I like it but not so much now

12 September 07, 12:18
Just to start i think steam is ok and i'm not bashing it..much :P

Hopped on about 6 servers today and left within 2 laps of practice.
There wasn’t one person on any of these servers that knew what they were doing.

I used to play Counter-Strike 1.6 and source and for new people to see that on steam and buy it was no problem but with a racing game it’s different. Your team won’t carry you because...there is no team.

Asking around the majority of people had just saw the demo after jumping off Counter strike and downloaded it for a muck about.

There has always been t***s on servers ever since i can remember but it started to increase when RACE came out on steam and really is only going to keep rising. Lets just hope they don't buy the game becuase its too hard

So, here was born the overwhelming need for our little friends..PASSWORDS

This makes it hard to find a good game if you arent chums with people with servers. Anyone got a server or knows where to go for a good race on this demo?