View Full Version : WNR - Wed Sept 30th - Various GTC65 at Osterriechring 70

28 September 09, 13:58
WNR - Wednesday September 30th - Various GTC65 at Osterriechring 70

Track: Osterreichring 70

Cars: A-H 3000, Jaguar E-type Coupe (#820 only), Lotus Elite, Mercedes 300SL, Renault Alpine, Shelby GT350 plus

Aston Martin DB4GT

Ferrari 250SWB

Triumph TR4

Triumph TR4A (as used at GVRC)

Qually: 20:00 BST (25 mins)
Race: 20:25 BST (12 laps)

Qually: 21:00 BST (25 mins)
Race: 21:25 BST (12 laps)

Password: tyrol

Use Anti Decon patch IP:
or Remote Ruby, see here (http://www.gamers-crib.com/forum/showthread.php?p=87589#post87589)

You may also need the Mercedes collision bug fix:

Thanks to motorfx for the track, to Butch for the add-on cars & to Sunalp for the TR4A skins.

30 September 09, 13:44
Server is running.

Osterreichring 70

Cars: as per list. (I had to include the 275GTB so that the 250SWB was available).

25 min Qual

12 lap race

Server: GC NG WNR

Password: tyrol

Lobby is still offline.

Use Anti Decon or Remote Ruby IP:

Luis Goi
30 September 09, 16:02
Hello Drivers, I`ll try to take part of this event. I`ll take my 300SL for a ride :-) See you all on track,

1 October 09, 07:23
Nice racing last night!

Race 1 to me was all about learning the track and the car (250 GT SWB). I got a good start and Daz and Kimi kindly held up the fast Triumphs which allowed me to open a gap. So a bit of a lonely race but good practice on the track.

For race 2 I took the Shelby 350, not knowing what to expect. Again I wasn't that fast in qualifying, but a good start left me in second place behind Daz and his Shelby. We had a good 9 laps of intense racing which was just great!

I finally got just a bit away from Daz who was harassed by Kimi in his Alpine. But that lasted for about a corner as I ran wide exiting to the main straight. The last 3 laps I was following Daz and Kimi going at it fiercely and Woody was catching me.

Well done Kimi! And thanks Daz for all the fun! :thumbup:

2 October 09, 06:32
Well, for my part Cale, that was the best race I've had in many a long week:mrgreen:, even if our door banging and getting in each others way meant that Kimi caught us and passed us both at the end!:thumbup: Was a great race, sorry for the small rubs on the way past a couple of times though....Makes me remember what I'm missing on Tuesdays......

Luis Goi
2 October 09, 13:51
As usual, I had a lot of fun. I love these cars and the driver's behavior here is fantastic.
I'd like to participate in the Sunday championship with you, guys, but the races are exactly at the same time of the Brazilian Football League matches (soccer for the north Americans). And you know that's like church here in Brazil :-)
Anyway, I'll do everything to keep showing my wheels on WNR.

2 October 09, 14:39
...And you know that's like church here in Brazil :-)
Anyway, I'll do everything to keep showing my wheels on WNR...Cya,

Blasphemy! (Everbody knows GTL is the one true religion) :-P

5 October 09, 09:55
Hi,anyone got a race 2 replay,it was one of my best races eva.


5 October 09, 14:02
Hi,anyone got a race 2 replay,it was one of my best races eva.


here's (http://www.filefront.com/14661351/Replays-WNR-Oesterreichring.rar/) both :-)

7 October 09, 16:54
Thx Laverda


12 October 09, 12:19
Race 1 (

Race 2 (