View Full Version : Disabling the 24 hours double xp? (PC)

31 March 11, 19:38
Is there anyway? its just im leveling up WAAAAAAAAAAAAY too fast and i want to take my time with the game, ive tried being offline and that but im still getting double XP, is there anyway to just get normal xp?

Odd question i know :P, but thats just me...thats just me

31 March 11, 20:15
I'm somewhat interested in this as well. I'm level 12, 12% campaign done, just been tuning and doing few quick races here and there...

31 March 11, 20:37
And im level 7 with 8% done xD! seeing as there are only 20 levels too, i wanna take my time, i thought 200xp was miles away but give me 3 hours i could get there np but i really dont want that, i wish you could turn off XP gain in quickrace, that wud be better.

31 March 11, 21:39
Well i found the file but now ofc we need a way for the game to read unpacked files...oh the agony! lol