View Full Version : Yet another rF2 Beta video :)

7 January 12, 17:36
Jon Denton of AutoSimSport drives Monaco in a current beta version (the release candidate):



7 January 12, 17:46
So nice to see real shadows now. Really adds to the immersion factor. This looks pretty good even recorded from a camcorder. Can't wait to see it on my own screen.

7 January 12, 17:57
That looks great. Can't wait to try it out myself.

7 January 12, 18:01

7 January 12, 18:29
Fry giving orders.pic+1!

They should really get rid of the pitguy though (well at least hes not 2d) and stop teasing, just release!

7 January 12, 18:58
I can't wait to relive those GP Legends days:thumbup:.

7 January 12, 19:06
I like the fact that the "open beta" is actually the Release Candidate. Should be good!

7 January 12, 19:09
this video makes the competitors footages a little bit embarassing :laugh:

Fantastic video !!

7 January 12, 19:26
It all looks very good, although i wish someone would give us a video captured in HD quality using a program like FRAPS. One thing i can see is that the game now has some atmosphere and life around the track.

Really looking forward to testing it out myself.

7 January 12, 19:46

They should really get rid of the pitguy though (well at least hes not 2d)

Not that its a deal breaker for me but it would be nice to have an animated pit guy to wave you out of the pits, like in GTR2. Perhaps that will come at a later date...

I'm crossing my fingers for a release early this week!! :-)

8 January 12, 06:15
I'm not so sure I can wait much longer.....

8 January 12, 10:24
damn that looks gooooood!!!

2012 will be great for Simracing :)

8 January 12, 14:19
The pit bloke is animated, he'd just finished waving before I started the car.

8 January 12, 15:37
Nice vid, love the grip level and braking distance, very realistic from what we're seeing ! :)

8 January 12, 15:42
Love the graphics!!! Manages to look very realistic without over-using stupid effects.

8 January 12, 16:06
+1 :)

9 January 12, 11:34
It looks good. I was looking out for a bit of independent front suspension movement..especially around corners and through the chicane. I didn't see any. That in itself is not a deal breaker. It also needs the Hudson Kerr 'touch' where the sky textures are concerned...again not a deal breaker. I suspect my attention will be elsewhere come release day. That can come as part of ISI's upgrades. Overall, I think it's a good effort. I just need to drive it to get a final conclusion.

9 January 12, 12:23
Beautiful atmosphere. I was looking for something like that since the Porsche 2000/Unleashed Monte Carlo circuits.
Love it.