View Full Version : making skins for gtr2

3 November 06, 03:55
Gday guys whats the best program for making skins for gtr2

3 November 06, 10:24
In my opinion Photoshop (I use version 7)

3 November 06, 14:18
I agree...photoshop is the way to go...and with a little help from 3D Max and a bit of creativeness you can do the following....

http://http://www.slibe.com/fullimage/f194f35f-SelbysBMW1-jpg.jpg (http://www.slibe.com)

3 November 06, 21:19
Although 3D Max is not used for the actual skinning process... with all the templates avaiable these days all you need is Photoshop to pain the skin, the DDS plugin to export the DDS files.. which is named correctly and placed in the car folder will be good enough to be a "skin".

You need Geditor if you ant to add the DDS skin files to the GTR car archive so you can make a standalone car.

So, armed with these app names, Google and about 30 minutes, one can find everything they need to know about the different ways you can skin a cat.. er car...

4 November 06, 08:30
Cheers guys thanx for the advice, as im a graphic designer by trade i hope my
futrue designs will impress, look out for SKINS BY SPEEDRACER76

4 November 06, 08:33
Whoops nearly forgot to ask, were can i find the best site for templates.Sorry for the newbish quesitions but i'm quite new to this and just love gtr2.
Cheers SPEED.

4 November 06, 21:40
I take mines from a german site:http://www.gtr4u.de/jgs_db.php?action=showkat&katid=54&sid=d59abd5419a01598231e0569e1f8c2c3

i've just googled it!