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21 November 06, 20:31
Can anyone tell me how to bend a stripe in Photoshop please?
I am making a skin and trying to put a side stripe on a car and curl it upwards to the bootlid.
I have searched but so far it eludes me .
Thank you :D

22 November 06, 12:10
Hi there...

Need to check this evening, I did some repaints for MS Flight Sim some time ago including bended stripes, but out of my mind I can't remember how...

22 November 06, 14:02
Photoshop 8 has a pen path tool does it not? You create a line using the pen path tool then right click on it and from the drop down menu select stroke path, from there you can select brush, pencil or other. You need to preset your desired width, colour and stuff before you do this however. The path you create remains editable as long as you don't flatten your image. You have to play with the little nodes and toggles that appear when your path is selected. If you hold the right click down and use ctl, shift and Alt keys it does different things a little experimentation and it becomes apparent what you can and can't do. I hope that is helpful and not stuff you already know. Tho I suspect it is. If you want to know more or something else about Photoshop you can PM me if you wish. I know nothing about modding but I used to teach a bit of Photoshop.

22 November 06, 20:51
Thank you for the info Snowy. I have had a quick go at it and have made some really weird and wonderfull shapes :o . It looks like I am going to have to spend sometime on this one I think to get the hang of it.
Thanks for the offer if I get stuck again,
Regards :D

22 November 06, 21:19
No problemo Se7en, good luck.