View Full Version : Brainerd International Raceway/Donnybrooke Speedway?

10 February 07, 15:39
Anyone know if this track is out there? It has the longest straight in North America and hosted USAC indy race in the sixties. In the seventies, it hosted Camel GT racing with Peter Gregg and Trans am with the likes of Mark Donahue.


20 February 07, 17:10
No one? I was hoping this would be out there somewhere.

20 February 07, 17:56
never heard of it until today :)

20 February 07, 19:34
Used to have to be right by Brainerd in the winter and it ain't a nice place for racing then. :D

I'm almost positive there was a scratch built version made for rfactor and released as a very good beta. It would make a nice conversion to GTL and GTR2--nice flow to the track. There is also a GPL version with similar layout done by someone else. Lots of history with the track--early Trans Am, Can Am too if I remember right.

steve :)

20 February 07, 19:44
Yeah, found it at rTracker under Donnybrooke: http://rtracker.org/racing-simulator.php?id=505 Haven't run it in awhile but remember it as a pretty good track. :up:

steve :)

24 February 07, 17:46
Could Someone Please convert this to GTL or GTR2?
I will help attaining permission from NickDefender...

28 February 07, 21:23
I grew up watching races there. My family has a house on North long lake which is off the back side of the track. CanAM. was there earlier. Later IMSA and the likes of Bobby Rahal ,Willy T Ribbs, paul newman, Team Jag etc. Mile long straight, will handle 200 mph on the banked turn 1. Teams would land their airplanes on the straight. In-famous mud hole, and all viewing from the center of the track so you can camp and get around everywhere. Track has been used for NHRA for many years and racing was only SCCA stuff. Almost went under the bulldozer as the snobs who are buying up the land dont like the "noise" the few weekends a year it was open. Was recently bought buy a guy who tried to start a track close to MPLS but failed. He is an enthusiast and vows to bring road racing "Back to the Lakes area" . Great track. it was the 2 1/2 to 3 hr drive from Minneapolis that slowed down its growth.
Someone PLEASE do this track for LEGENDS !

28 February 07, 23:45
I tried to get permission for a conversion from NickDfender. He left a one word response to my explanation. No. I don't understand why people are like that. Oh, well...guess need to find someone to creat it for us. I am willing to chip in $20.

2 March 07, 21:15
The old BIR! I have seen races there and you can't beat the "Show and Go" which they at least used to host.

4 March 07, 16:28
Just got a message from Nick, he lives just a few miles from me. Funny!! Anyway, a GTR2 version of BIR is on the way. He wouldn't giver permission because he is working on it himself. Makes sense.