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General Rules

All messages should be written in english - typing messages in other languages, especially to add insults is not allowed. Any non english posts will be removed without warning.

Learn some netiquette, no one likes rude posts and how you format your messages does make a difference to how people reading will interpret them.

No SHOUTING, swearing, !!!!!!!!!!!! etc in topic titles, it is rude and annoying.

No cursing, swearing or other abusive language in posts / signatures or other user profile fields(Disguising words with ** or other characters is not acceptable!).

Do not use [IMG] tags to link directly to large(more than 640x480 or 100kB) images.. either use thumbnail links or normal text links. Most especially do not use [IMG] tags to place several MB of images in 1 post/topic.

No spamming/trolling/flaming.

No personal attacks on other members.

No rude/abusive usernames, keep it clean or expect your account to get deleted.

No duplicate accounts - you only need 1 account to be a member of the site, generally only trouble makers make multiple accounts and by doing so you will be treated as such.

No clever typing to avoid any word censors - if we've censored something it is for a reason and trying to outsmart the system is not going to earn you any bonus points.

No asking for or offering private message/email to avoid forum censors / rules.

No backseat admins - if you think someone has broken the rules use the 'report post' or Private Message feature to notify the site admins. Telling the Admins how to run the site isn't going to win you any brownie points.

No backtalking the Admins/Moderators - they do what they do for free, and don't have to put up with smartass comments.

Dont ask for copies of original files from games - if you have the cd/dvd extract it from that.

No posting of links to cracked games/software/etc - No discussion of cracking, hacking, warez, asking for serial keys etc - if you have a cracked game go buy it. Telling people to PM you for info/links to warez is not a way round this rule.

Theres no need to post telling people you've sent them a PM.. the forum will notify them automatically.

Avatars / Signatures - Keep them clean, rude / abusive messages in them will get you an infraction at the least.

No posting links to game addons that we would not allow here (this includes indirect links to sites that host them), No hinting you have the links and will PM them to people, No begging for said links to be PM'd to yourself, No adding links to said downloads or sites that host them in your signature or other part of your user profile.

No discussion / promotion of recreational drug use. (cannabis, cocaine, ecstasy etc).

No discussions about Religion.

No discussions about Politics.

Photo Gallery

No photos containing watermarks from other sources (excluding any game screenshots where the maker has forced their own watermark in all screenshots).

No photos that do not fit within any predefined category.

No nudity or adult themed material.

No real life crash photos.

No photos of game conversions that are not allowed under our file upload rules.

Photo = any digitally produced OR stored image that is uploaded.

File Uploads


Allowed files: Any game addon, mod, patch, custom editing tool, etc.

Files we do not allow: Music, Video, Software, Apps, uploads that are only text files containing links to other download locations. If you are not sure if a file is allowed ask before uploading!

All uploads should have an english description and readme - any non english uploads will be removed without warning.

The maximum file size is 100MB.

Scratch built content by modders is allowed (should be obvious but someone will ask)

Conversions of original game content

Conversions of original game content to competing game titles is not allowed (e.g. GTR2 -> rFactor, NFS Shift -> Race On) unless a CD\DVD check that confirms the end users has both games is included, and does not conflict with the next rule

Conversions of original game content from the latest releases, while said latest release is less than 12 months old, to any other games are not allowed (eg. Race On -> anything)

Forward conversions of original game content from older games to the latest releases by the same maker are allowed (e.g. GTL -> Race On, Grid -> Grid2).

Conversions of other modders content

Taking the work of another modder, making very small changes then releasing it as your own is not allowed, whether its across games or not.

Conversion of modders scratch built content between any game titles is allowed (provided its in accordance with the next rule)

Converted / Modified Work - If you wish to upload a file you have made that is based on the work of another modder, then you should seek and receive the permission of that person before you upload it! This applies if you wish to use models, textures or any other part of another persons work. Make it clear in the description and/or readme who's work you have converted.

Uploading Other Peoples Work - Don't do it, if you didn't make the file yourself don't upload it unless you have qualified with the previous rule.

Uploading Banned Users Work - Don't do it, we do not host files created by people who have been banned from the site.

Add-on files for Conversions/Mods

You may not upload add-on files(e.g. car skins, modified physics, texture updates etc.) for Conversions / Mods that would not be allowed under the appropriate rules above.


No advertising of any kind without express permission of the site administration.

If you would like to advertise any product or service please Contact Us first.

Any posts deemed to contain advertising without a prior arrangement with the site administration will be treated as spam and deleted.

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