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System 16 February 06 15:00

Misano by pur_DutchDevil for GT Legends
Misano now availible for GTL. The track is a FIA GTC/TC regular and should
fit the game perfect. All things should work fine.


System 16 February 06 15:05

A new version is uploaded
Version 1.0 of "Misano" is uploaded. You can view the download page for it here

C6MadMan 13 November 06 03:44

Great track. Nice job

TICTOC 7 August 08 15:02

I only just downloaded this track, as I'm new to GT Legends having raced rFactor for
a while, and recently bought GTR2 and GT Legends in a twin box set.

I've got Misano for all three sims, love the track.

This is by far the best representation, and most 'real' looking version of the track that
I have.

Would be EXCELLENT to see it converted to GTR2!!!

Great work, and thanks for all the other fantastic tracks you've done for these sims.


frasie 1 April 14 21:41

Hi Dutch Devil!
Have never say thanks for this great track!
Will do it now! :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
Very good work and very realistic!
I know it because have tested my Lancia Fulvia Montecarlo on it in the early 80ies many times... drive this track are nice memories for me!
Thanks a lot!
Cheers Franky ;-)

Angel_Boss 11 January 18 12:54

Very nice track. Good work. Thanks. :thumbup:

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