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digitalx 17 June 17 20:46

BTB Start Position for rFactor?
Very new to Bobs Track Builder, I have part of a track almost done, but I do not understand timing gates etc. For some reason my car starts balanced on the edge of the terrain. How do I make the starting position on the stage by where I made the beginning of it?

gwaldock 17 June 17 22:44

Guidance is available by clicking on Help, then Editing and then Driveline. You may need to "clear all" and then "append track" before the center line will accurately follow your track. After doing the same process for your Pit Lane (and after a bit of fine tuning) clicking Timing Gates tab will allow them to be placed to your liking. Bear in mind that this will provide a basic, rudimentary AIW file to get you on your track; more tweaking will probably be required.

Good luck!

digitalx 19 June 17 23:19

I did check the (very nicely done) help section, but was not 100% sure.

It's a point to point, fictional Australia rally. Will I need still need pits? I just want to start from the lights. Thanks.

gwaldock 19 June 17 23:44

I'm not sure if pits are necessary but you will need each car's start position (a "Grid"). The Grid is editable when you click on the Positions tab; just drag it where you want it to go.

digitalx 19 June 17 23:52

Brilliant, cheers. Not many places to get help apart from Race Department. Sort of figuring out things and having trial and error runs with BTB.

gwaldock 20 June 17 00:40

Glad to help. I have learned much from the talented artists that kindly share their knowledge here and at a few other sim sites. It is only right that we all "Pay It Forward".

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