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Tkrau 12 October 11 21:41

What are 'graphical improvements?'
Apologies if this has been answered already...I did a search but came up with nothing.

I have some laps that I've considered uploading but haven't yet since some of them were done with skinned cars which, if I've read the rules correctly, isn't kosher here. The FAQ says that only 'graphical improvements' are allowed for submitted laps...just what are 'graphical improvements?' I have sharpo's Minilite wide wheels on an otherwise-stock Mini What if I add the Mini spotlights mod to that

And just so I'm sure on this...skinned cars, such as Cortina #171 with these wheels, are not allowed in submitted laps, correct?

aSa 13 October 11 15:25

This may not be that helpful for your specific questions (I didn't check them), but ..

It is so much easier to go with plain, standard, unmodified etc cars if you're hotlapping; others shouldn't then have any problems following your drive. If you want to show off some nice cars/skins, then Fraps-to-AVI path is probably a better way.

Remember that anything (graphical) that has changed won't show up when replaying the file *without* that exactly same modifications (so why use??). If you were to use so-called standalone car (with a new *.CAR file) for some new skins there's a possibility that replayer won't see any car at all (invisible) or some random other car with weird sounds. Also standalones adds a risk of other updates that might change the original car performance (which may not be clearly pointed out in readmes).

For the above problems there have been set some rules, making people remember and obey them is another thing .. : /

cheers.. aSa C[_]

Tkrau 13 October 11 15:51

What you say makes sense (and I didn't realize that a modded car on computer A wouldn't show in the replay on computer B without having the mods installed there as well), and going forward I will be using default cars for my hotlap attempts. I asked partly 'cause of having a couple of good laps already, but done in 'questionable' cars.

Pizzaman 21 October 11 21:58

Another thing, the wider wheels DO affect performance.
GTL checks the rubber patch to the road, as a resuklt of the wider wheels you'll have more grip.
But also you'll be slightly slower going to top speed.

The effect was such that on Gamers-Crib the wide wheels aere not allowed in Mini-League.
However, added lights, no-bumpers, cabrios, and other shenanigans are allowed (they do not affect performance).

For hotlapping I'd just stick to the default cars though.

Tkrau 21 October 11 22:15

The past few days, I've been wondering about the grip thing with the modded wheels; my setups done on those cars don't always work well for the default cars and I've been suspecting that something was up.

So much to still learn about this sim...thanks!

- edit - question, then...this mod's description states that 'This is a visual mod only, does not affect the performance of Cortina, though it looks somewhat faster'; this is not true then, and the mod is affecting the grip after all?

Pizzaman 2 November 11 08:38

I suppose it is, though I haven't tested that one.
What he probably means is 'it uses the standard physics'.

BTW it can also be slower. GTL also calculates rolling resistance.
The wide-wheeled Mini is a little slower to get to top speed.

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