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EndPin 14 February 12 13:54

elby Gt350, AC Cobras-no engine sound
I don't know where to post this since it deals with Altbierbude mods. I posted it on their forum with no answer, so will ask it here.

I do not have any engine sound of any kind for the shelby gt 350 or both AC Cobras. All I hear is something that sounds like a gear linkage or clutch, other wise-dead silence. There is also another car with no engine sound, but I cant remember which one it is. All the other cars, that I have tried so far, have good engine sound.

Anyone have any suggestions as to what can I do to fix it?

Thanks in advance

P.S. Title should be "Shelby Gt350 . . . . . . . ." (dont know where the "Sh" went)

Lower Level 14 February 12 15:01

Does thids happen with specific cars? If so, which? I'll take a look into my 'Bude install.

Usually when this happens, it's because there's an add on soundpack and there's be say in the GT350's case a file called shelbysounds.aud in the car's folder which you remove and it works with default sound. But I don't recall the Altbierbude using the soundpacks though someone may have uploaded a car and not removed the aud file THEY (the skinner) were using.

Do the default caras still work?

And you say 2 cars? Did you do the updater install? Or did you just add a few skins? My original answer at top is based on using the updater so full 'Bude install.


EndPin 14 February 12 15:09

Default cars work fine. I used the updater install and update every day. Will look in the folders and see if I can see an *.aud file.

Lower Level 14 February 12 15:23

Okay. I ask as I looked quickly but didn't see any but I didn't look through them all. Let me know which cars you had this happen with. I'm going out for an hour or so and will start up my Altbierbude when I get back if you let me know and will see if mine works as I normally use a different install of GTL when playing.


tdurrett 14 February 12 15:27

For example my Shelby GT350 located at x:\GTL\GameData\Teams\GTC-65\Shelby GT350 uses "shelbysounds.aud"
(note lower case)which calls for a set of files in the Sounds directory...


My AC Shelby Cobra 427 Competition uses "SHELBYSOUNDS.aud" and calls

VS_INSIDE_COAST_ENGINE_1=Cars\Cobra\CobraM_idle.wa v
VS_INSIDE_COAST_ENGINE_2=Cars\Cobra\CobraM_offvery low.wav
VS_INSIDE_COAST_ENGINE_3=Cars\Cobra\CobraM_offlow. wav
VS_INSIDE_COAST_ENGINE_4=Cars\Cobra\CobraM_offmid. wav
VS_INSIDE_COAST_ENGINE_5=Cars\Cobra\CobraM_offhigh .wav

The Shelby GT500 uses GT500SS.aud and calls

1967 SS GT500 Sounds by rick18


// inside coasting
VS_INSIDE_COAST_ENGINE_2=Cars\67_GT500_SS\GT500_of fverylow.wav
VS_INSIDE_COAST_ENGINE_3=Cars\67_GT500_SS\GT500_of flow.wav
VS_INSIDE_COAST_ENGINE_4=Cars\67_GT500_SS\GT500_of fmid.wav
VS_INSIDE_COAST_ENGINE_5=Cars\67_GT500_SS\GT500_of fhigh.wav

The fix is to copy an .aud file from and existing car, say the fordtvrsounds.aud from the TC-65 mustang
and paste it to your cars directory...
x:\GTL\GameData\Teams\GTC-65\Shelby GT350 folder. Save the old .aud file by renaming the file sound_old.aud,
the renaming fordtvrsound.aud to match the sound file requested in the .car file
for example in

x:\GTL\GameData\Teams\GTC-65\AC Shelby Cobra\31CG the 31CG_SIM_GTC_Cobra.CAR file shelbysounds.aud

// 31CG - GTC - AC Cobra, Simulation


So you would end up with the the revised shelbysounds.aud and shelbysound_old.aud
as a backup.

Lower Level 14 February 12 16:57

Yeah, but if his sounds aren't working now and should be, he has a problem somewhere and hasn't solved it. No offence as your solution works but he's got something wrong with his install somewhere.

Hmm, but your answer does make me woinder something else.

Endpin: What version of GTL have you installed originally? Off the disc? The new Simbin download? or the other download version?


EndPin 14 February 12 17:42

I installed from a disk. patched to if memory serves me right. I'll have to look, but think its only those modded cars. Standard cars work fine. I'm at work now and can't check.

Lower Level 14 February 12 17:53

So, it's just the Altbierbude cars? Any skins from NoGrip etc?

I ask also as my "MAIN" install has 'Bude skins plus EVERYTHING at NoGrip (unless they didn't work and were removed) and then some, My main install alone is 35 GB and I test and test and back up (I been working on it since last November!). Sounds I tend to not run into but maybe only because I run my "own" cars. And that's why I ask which skins as I am willing to try them and see if I have the same issue and am willing to help find a solution.

EndPin 14 February 12 18:16

All I have installed are the Altbierbude tracks and cars via their autoupdater. I've not installed any other mods or skins. The only cars I have the issue with is the Shelby GT350, both AC Cobras, and another one I ran into the other day and don't remember what it was. When it happens, it is all cars under that team as I tried several of the Shelby GT350s and they all did the same thing. I will try to find out what the other car is when I get home.

Lower Level 14 February 12 18:26

Take your time. We can work this as we need to.

EndPin 14 February 12 21:18

I found the problem. I followed tdurrett's suggestions and found that I don't have any of the files that "shelbysounds.aud" calls for. I replaced the file with the mustang one so now my shelby has a mustang engine, but it works. I will do the same with the AC Shelby cobra, since it uses the same "shelbysounds.aud" file. If you could send me the files that go with "shelbysounds.aud" I would very much appreciate it. I assume they go in the */GTL/gamedata/sounds/cars folder.

Thanks again for all the help

Lower Level 14 February 12 21:36

So, any idea why your "shelbysounds.aud" Has mysteriously Left town?

EndPin 14 February 12 23:57

No idea - it's a mystery to me.

tdurrett 22 February 12 19:52

for shelysounds.aud to work you will need a list of wave files strating with...

// inside coasting

locate these in C:\GTL\GameData\Sounds\CARS directory to verify.
Your new car may be calling for another sound file in it's .car file
example my TCmustang uses tvrsound.aud called in the .car file located
C:\GTL\GameData\Teams\TC-65\Ford Mustang\809 with the wave files

// 809 - TC - Ford Mustang, Simulation


wave files starting with...

// inside coasting
VS_INSIDE_COAST_ENGINE_2=Cars\fordtvr_offverylow.w av

EndPin 23 February 12 14:01

Thanks for your help - I now have the AC Cobras & Shelby GT350 using the mustang sounds. Yesterday I found new sounds in the downloads section for the AC Cobra, and another one for the Shelby, which I will install later.

I also found the other missing car that I had forgotten about. It is the Porsche 914. I cant find sounds for it, so I am using the Porsche 911 sounds on it (It's better than silence).

For some reason all these sound files dissapeared, I have no idea why, unless it was when I tried to install the 'bude car class patch manually before I found out that you use their updater for it.

Lower Level 23 February 12 14:19

You could always do another GTL install and copy the required files from it.

Mildrew 23 February 12 14:58

You would be better off downloading sound mods for all the stock GTL cars,there are some good ones out there esp from Ducfreak,for the 914 i use these by speedrsr =

EndPin 23 February 12 15:23

Thanks again - I didn't see the 914 sound mod. Will use it. I thought about doing another install, but so far have been too lazy. Think the sound mods are the better way to go.

tdurrett 25 February 12 20:11

Even sounds for GTR2 work -try pitSounds GTR2 v1_4 by Ahorn0904 at this site.
Backup the old pitsound.wave by renaming it oldpitsounds.aud
located in C:\GTL\GameData\Sounds\PIT

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