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Default Logitech Driving Force GT Settings

It seems that a lot of people are having trouble getting their specific wheels to work right in Shift 2 Unleashed. I think it might be beneficial to have a specific thread for each popular wheel type since not all tweaks may apply to all wheels equally. Therefore, by having individual threads per popular wheel model, users will be able to discuss and thereby maximize performance of their particular wheel in Shift 2 Unleashed more easily, quickly and precisely.

I am a Driving Force GT user here and I've noticed that using default settings, the wheel feels a bit weird in Shift 2. There is a bit of input lag, the force feedback is rather poor even at 100% and sometimes there is a "floaty" feeling while driving.

Anyone have any tips on getting the most out of the DFGT in Shift 2? S2U default set my wheel to 360 deg. of steering lock so I also set than in the wheel control panel. All other settings are default minus speed steering sensitivity which is default 0 and I set it to 50.
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