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Exclamation Driving Force GT Shift 2 Unleashed Settings

My FINAL settings (I am satisfied for now). Most cars feel VERY good to me. I hope this helps someone else!


1. To get rid of the pedal deadzones on my DFGT, as per Sakura Black's suggestion (mostly). All I did was reassign (Select Brake/Accel, Press F, Press Brake/Accel respectively) the brake and accelerator pedals in the in-game control settings and set their sensitivity to 50% in-game.

2. By default, I tune ALL my cars steering lock, sway bars, spring rates and dampers to the MIDDLE values on their respective scales. They feel much better this way.

3. I have AA turned OFF in-game and OFF in my graphics card control panel. I am NOT using AA. AA results in a BIG performance hit which results in INPUT LAG.

4. SOMETIMES you must press pause/unpause the game to get the Force Feedback to work right.


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