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Glad I came across this post a few weeks ago, now I have dusted GP4 & its back installed.

Ok though I can not run in my screen res so far but it works with no issues with current OS thats saying somthing.

Game in stock still looks good & runs well somthing it did not do when it first came out it was very hard on the CPU.

Tracks look good ok pit crew look odd but the hell its 10 years old.

Now added mods ok its no Rfactor in that department but with all the hand install apps its not to hard.

Ran 1982 mod & 83/84/88/91& 94 so far along with some track packs & graphics updates.

Real fun doing quick races with multi cars still is the best at that along with its save race mode AI is still one of the best out there. amazing saying how old it is too.

GP was the first real racing game for me I had Testdrive 1 & Indy 500 before the first GP game came out , but was the game that did everything right.

Its a pitty Geoff Crammond as not written another sim since GP4 its would be very intresting to see how it would turn out.

But thanks for bring me back to this old classic.
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