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Thanks to the new Heron's Apache we can build a pretty good quality helicopter

When we begin to design a small personal helicopter similar to this:
We see the need to drive to the main rotor diameter of 18 feet (5.5 meter)
We see the need to drive to the main rotor diameter of 18 feet (5.5 meter) and 540 rpm rotational speeds. To achieve such a speed we could use a torque 800 Nm ( ~ 80 kgm ).
Returning now to the Hero 's Apache, we can assume that the torque on the main propeller tubes produce more than us four propeller.
Let's say that in May they long 3.5 feet (1 meter ). So, as at the end of each of those tubes you put the engine that gives us a sequence of 10 N (2 Lbs) values ??(1kg) it will be added to the rotor torque of 10 Nm (1 kgm)
So four of these tubes with motors will give us a 40 Nm (4 kgm).
Now, assuming that our helicopter will be lighter with a big motor, gears and tail rotor, we can assume that he will need to drive only the main rotor diameter of 600 Nm at, say, 16 feet (4.9 m).
So if we placed the total at the end of the tube Heron's Apache silnki of values ??within 600/40 = 15
15 X 2 lbs = 30 lbs of force within, we get has fully functional helicopter....
As it turns out, these motors have already modelers....
Weight engines 8 Kg (14 Lbs).... 10 position video
If you want to build a crane helicopter, use these eight: :tsk
Or a combination of hybrid electric..
Or Only electric:
40 pcs enought..~~ 40 KW and ful personal electric helicopter

So it happens that good fun can become a good professional...
Regards Andrew
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