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Talking about Dirt 3,s DLC sucked as it was just locked content a very under hand trick indeed.
while i despise Codemasters' DLC policy, that's not true. the DLC itself was never part of the installation. the only thing included on the disc were the preview pictures for the selection screens. you could unlock those with a trick, but that was all you could unlock.

the fact that each DLC download was 50 to several hundred MBs should have told you that it was not disc-locked content.

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Like some one said if the new content is of a massive updated nature then maybe its fair to charge for it. but these little bitty Charged DLC,s are wrong,but its a good way of making quick money for sure.
i don't like to be nickel-and-dimed either, but nobody works for free. and content requires a lot of work, even if it's just a couple of cars or a single stage. it's not reasonable to expect completely new content for free in this day and age when production values are higher than ever before.
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