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I wouldn't miss it if I was you.

I just installed it after many years, put on Gpxpatch, a supposed "amazing" 2009 mod and spent 4 hours configuring it, patching it, tweaking it.

Then when I got it to run well.....the "racing" was dreadful.

All assists OFF, hardest difficulty....the cars were on they were WELDED to the track. Braking points? No need of them....blast up to the a 90 degree corner at 200 mph, slam the brakes on 50m before the turn and yang the wheel round. No skids, no lockups.

O and the supposed "amazing AI" that we all remember? Well I was rammed off the track almost as much as in rFactor. Indeed the biggest challenge was trying to get the AI to avoid me.

If F12011 is judged as an arcade racer based on its handling model then GP4 is worse. In order from Arcade to Sim then we go as follows :

Mario Cart
GTR2 / Evo / rFactor with FiRST Mod

I'd suggest that "in its day" it was decent...but it's certainly aged like an old whore on crack....avoid/avoid/avoid.

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