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Originally Posted by Micas View Post
It's not a "contract", it's a "terms and conditions". When you buy a tool pack with WMD, you're getting a membership, not an "investment". It's just a membership in a type of club, for which the T&C applies. The terms of the T&C can change.

What constitutes "contributing to the game" is not clearly defined, but generally testing builds and offering feedback qualifies. That's not to say that you have to spend hours on every build, or that you have to post 1000 times. That type of thing isn't defined.

This is also the first time SMS has tried this, so there will be some kinks to work out in the process.
OK whatever you call it, it's still an agreement.

"What constitutes "contributing to the game" is not clearly defined..."

That bit is worrisome. It should be clearly defined.

Without a clear definition, SMS would be in their rights to withhold "fees" to all members, regardless of their financial investment, unless they actually wrote code for the game... or whatever they deem as "contributing".

I'm not trying to troll here. I never expected a return on investment. But there are members who do. And with an agreement like that, it's entirely up to SMS to say whether or not any member has "contributed".
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