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Seems the biggest misconcetion is that your money is buying into a game. It's not. True that's the end product, but you're buying into the process of making a game!

You're paying to be a member of the 'team' making the game, so paying €10 and then just waiting on your bum for the game to release so you can get your money isn't really doing anything but being selfish and greedy.

You don't have to have posted on the forum though to count as contribution. As long as you're playing the game and allowing data to go to SMS from it, or any kind of contribution really, than that's ok.

We want an awesome game out of this process, we have to show that this method of game creation works, so get involved and make sure it happens!!!

As it really clearly says in the T&C, it's NOT an investment opportunity, no matter how it looks.

In those other games no one who's paid money gets any say in the direction or features of the game, you just bug test for them. With WMD the direction is actually decided by the members (i.e. now a boxed product, not F2P - the members decided this, not SMS, so blame them).

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