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I was with my friends in the Museum of aviation again. "I'd like him to show this demo in which the effect of the vacuum State at the top of the wings, which blows the wind from the fan, the ball is sucked in by a transparent tube

provided in the middle of the wings and a peg that pops up on the wing.

Doing this experience again, so your friend can see it, I am surprised that the ball a is NOT sucked in tube!!

It is that this experience has been vandalized, and the ball is sucked on

Vandalized based on this, with a transparent tube to the bottom was several times the seeds.

But this was not the reason for the lack of vacuum in the tube.
After arrives home, thoroughly by looking at the about the well running the show.

I noticed that the tube on the film extends over the upper surface of the wings have 70 mm
The vandalizet show the tube was brought down to equality with the upper surface of the wing.
And this was the main reason for the lack of vacuum in the tube !
Simply air her upper surface of the wing, when it encounters a simple hole in the wing, just get it and seeking to keep the pipes, eliminates any vacuum in it.!!

That is, that the ball could be the suck by the vacuum arising at the top of the wings, in this case the pipe must extend over the upper surface of the wing by about 70 mm !!!

When this tube does not extend, this does not transmit its down this vacuum, even in the smallest degree.

Why is this, explain the following drawings:

Yes so we are one of the one cases where due to vandalism, we fully the specificities of of the Red Baron Windmill...

According to estimates, the surface of the wing of a 100 m square, with a wind speed of 30 km\/h can produce approximately 750 KG lift.
To get 100 KG of thrust of the propeller to the ultralight trike, the engine must have a power of about 50 KW
You can take also denied that the 100 KG over da US 50 KW electrical Dynamo.
Which had managed to seize the entire lift such 100 m ^ 2 wings which is 750 KG, a power Dynamo would be 300 KW.

The Windmill of the Red Baron 100 m x 30 m = 3000 m ^ 2 and this will give us the 9000 KW.

Now you can build 10 such wings one above with which 30000 m ^ 2 = 90 MW.

No and now depends on how many% of this theoretical power we capture this lift and exchange it into electrical current.

Regards Andrew
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