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Jesus, I'm at a loss for's obvious some are purely in the development to make money. Profit profit profit. Is it any wonder the western world is suffering so bad? Greed is the order of the day for some. Sad. I am at a loss for words.

I thought the community wanted to shape a real good sim of all sims. I was wrong. You'll make way much more money if it gets consolised. Shift 3 will be the name maybe? Not for me thanks.
One of the things that I find odd about the whole pCARS project to this point is that we, and I mean "we" in the sense of the mods, Ian, and the majority of WMD members with some deductive reasoning, continue to engage the same types of people with the same issues over and over. That's why I argue for the 'insta-ban' method to address them rather then spending huge amounts of time typing out reasoned arguments that they'll ignore.

This quote above is a good case in point. It's come up in relation to me many times, as well as that whole "weighted poll" thing.

Here's a thought. If there was no profit motive for pCARS, I wouldn't have sent SMS a nickle. SMS wouldn't even be making the game if they didn't think they were going to make money at it. It is basic capitalism. The profit motive drives innovation and progress.

So.. people want their dream sim made in some Socialist utopia, and who is going to fund it? Those same people that criticize me for liking the idea of making a bundle from the sales of pCARS? I make no apologies for it, and I have as much disdain for those that want something for free as they disdain me for wanting to make money off my contribution in helping get the game made.

The whole point of WMD is that the game wouldn't be beholden to some publisher that would insist on having an accountant design the game. That means the game needs investors like me.. people with some money that are willing to actually write a big check and who want to get a benchmark sim out of it not only because it'll be fun to play, but to make money as well.

I'm not looking for a pat on the back, but the number of people who have actually understood that it takes bigger balls to wire a lot of money across the Atlantic then it does to risk nothing and criticize everyone else, is pretty small.. apparently.

I'm as guilty as anybody of making the same arguments in defending myself to the same people that just can't grasp the ideas. I've typed various versions of this same post many times, and I keep doing it for some reason. It's weird why we do this. Remco has typed the same thing at least a hundred times, and each time he is patient and types it out yet again. I find that remarkable.

And then we find they slither off to some other forum to continue their tirades, and you kind of have to wonder why you even engaged them in the first place. I guess it's that patience of Job thing again.
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