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Originally Posted by Feliks View Post
And in the meantime since the formation of the ideas, changes a lot. For example, go beyond the "magic circle of the cylinder" was the hardest thing.
When I discovered it, a new type of timing, was the new 4 stroke engine:

Phil Irving & Jack Brabham had a similar principle with just one piston for cycle control & relied on ports similar to a two-stroke.
Another bloke here in Australia came about something very much like it about 10years ago & posted video's of modified farm bike with ballistic improvements in performance.
Unfortunately the Brabham family still own the rights & had him withdraw the video's & stop building them.
I still have a couple of the video's on my HDD, it's main features being a large reduction in internal drag & a MASSIVE boost in Torque.
It was nicknamed the '6-stroke' even though it wasn't due to the marrying of the two different types of cycles.
There's still plenty of info out there about the principle though, but you can always try this page for a start;
I hope this has added some interesting food for thought
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