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people are comparing Geoff's game with current ones. that, in it self, is a testament to his enormous genius. i still remember when GP4 first came out. it was a Copernican revolution of sorts in racing simulations. up until then, NOTHING had ever come close. and for a very long time, nothing did.

apparently, we no longer have these Copernican revolutions. each game that comes out nowadays is a re-work of a previous one. they're all v1.02's or v2.05's... there are no more quantum leaps on games anymore. not like the ones we used to see when Sir Geoff Crammond still made his art.

i'm with that other poster above who said he's played all of his creations. so have i. ever since Stunt Car Racer (sheer fun) to his first Formula One Grand Prix simulator (light years above everything else at the time) in my humble Commodore Amiga 500 to his aforementioned latest creation on the PC.

please, Sir Geoff... won't you grace us all with yet another masterpiece of yours? we really need a new paradigm. a new giant leap forward on racing sims... who else but you to grant us that?
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