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Originally Posted by PortuguesePilot View Post

apparently, we no longer have these Copernican revolutions. each game that comes out nowadays is a re-work of a previous one. they're all v1.02's or v2.05's... there are no more quantum leaps on games anymore. not like the ones we used to see when Sir Geoff Crammond still made his art.
I agree, BUT...

When something made by humans (anything: science, technology, art) is in its infancy, "quantum leaps" are bound to happen and far more frequently.

Anyway, there are many things available to devs nowadays that should enable them to produce things with far greater quality than anything by Crammond. We should expect (legitimate, no doubt) far better racing sims than those pre-2005 with the current state of technology and the knowledge gathered in regards to physics of tires/chassis/wings.

Problem, in my opinion, is one of vision: very few developers nowadays have the vision Crammond (and Dave Kaemmer, years ago) infused his sims with, and I'd say that video above shows (quite dramatically) how far that vision went.
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