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Curious, you mentioned flight sims, and I was part of that world for many years (fond memories of EAW, Falcon 4.0, Jane's F/A-18, Rowan's Mig Alley, Flanker 2.5 and so on)...

I agree. Indeed, sadly, most people are no longer interested in shear, pure realism and what is worse they mask that by believing and talking about photorealism as a placeholder for physical realism...

There was real excitement in installing every Grand Prix jewel - friends would gather around someone with a powerful rig just to have a taste of it. Same thing with GPL.

Nowadays, people gobble up the nice little 2 words as if they were spoken by the gods themselves: "premium content". Premium content is mostly flash and bangs, eye-candy stuff with not enough effort done towards actual realism. If people are going to spend their money, it better be spent on "premium content" and there better be some company representatives (or their shadowy fellow-mates among the community...) telling how good and realistic the whole thing is...

I think game publishers know where the easy buck is: impressionable masses just follow any bones they get thrown as long as the impressive press-releases and nice "reviews" build this aura of "best game ever". And for that, you don't need to invest millions on research and millions more on a good development team.

A pity indeed...

What we need is someone who is on it for much more than just money - actually, someone who believes in his/her work and is willing to research&develop properly and wait for the the long run.

Someone like Crammond?

[Someone like Dave kaemmer...but then iRacing]
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